Shim Dalgi and Golden Child’s Choi Bomin confirmed as lead casts for Kakao TV’s upcoming web drama “Shadow Beauty”

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Rookie actress Shim Dalgi and Golden Child‘s Choi Bomin are confirmed as lead actors for the web drama “Shadow Beauty”!

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“Shadow Beauty” is based on the webtoon of the same name by Ah Hum.

It follows the story of Goo Ae Jin (played by Shim Dalgi), an ordinary girl who lives a double life as the popular social media influencer named Jinny. She has over 770,000 followers and uses camera filters and makeup to cover up her appearance in real life.

Choi Bomin will be portraying the class representative named Kim Ho In. His character might look like an ordinary student on the outside but has a secret he’s been keeping from everyone.

The two formed a strange alliance after finding out about their secrets.

Shim Dalgi appeared in the dramas “Feel Good To Die”, “Save Me 2”, “Hospital Playlist”, and “The School Nurse Files”.

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Shim Dalgi shared that it is important for her to play a role that is well-loved by many of the readers of the webtoon and said that she will work hard to reach the hearts of the viewers by portraying her character well so that everyone can relate to her.

Meanwhile, Choi Bomin is a member of the popular K-pop boy group Golden Child. He has appeared in the dramas “A-TEEN 2”, “Melting Me Softly”, and recently, “18 Again”.

Choi Bomin shared that his character for “Shadow Beauty” is completely different from his previous roles. He had fun reading the script and immediately fell in love with the character and story. He ended by saying that he’s working hard for his role.

Together with his group members, Golden Child came back last January with their new song “Burn It” and has gained recognition from many fans worldwide.

“Shadow Beauty” is set to air in the second half of 2021 and consists of 13 episodes with 20 minutes in each episode.

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