Every person has their own talent and uniqueness. We are born different at some point to shine and be unique and special. In human nature, there are people we envy because they are good at the things we are not good at. Sometimes, others are just gifted and too good at everything. One of these sometimes and others is the one and only Hong Joochan of Golden Child.

Joochan is a member of the South Korean boy group Golden Child debuted in August 2017 under Woollim Entertainment. He is the second youngest of the group born in July 1999, making him a member of the maknae line. Without a doubt, he became an idol because of his not-sugarcoating-nice voice.

Aside from that talent, Joochan can do more and would surely make you fall in love for who he is. The title of Jack of All Trades truly belongs to him and wraps to his name. Wanna know why he is THE Jack? Buckle up!

Pro Singing Voice

Of course, the first on our list is him being a singer. He can sing, but not just the sing sing but definitely sing like an angel. He is Golden Child’s main vocalist for nothing. Aside from his lines in the group, he debuted as a soloist in 2019 with the song, A Song For Me. Personal choice, he loves ballad songs.

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Joochan also collaborated with other artists on songs and sang covers that he did an excellent justice. Some of his official song covers that can be listened to Woollim The Live Channel are Attention by Charlie Puth, Ava Max’s Christmas Without You, and Kim Sunggyu’s Room.

Musical Actor

Image source: Joochan Altar Boyz Individual Poster

Hong Joochan is not just an idol but a musical actor. With his voice, he started to be casted in musicals and work together with other idols and musical actors in the industry. His musicals are Sonata on the Flame, On Air – The Secret Contract, Altar Boyz, and Equal. He is basically casted continuously in musicals since he debuted in the field in 2020. Guess, it is really his path.

Show MC and Radio DJ

Image Source: Joochan for Kiss The Radio

He can also entertain and host a show, be it on TV or radio. Our Jooch is not a shy type of fella to begin with. He has a big and warm heart that wanted to give his best to make people happy. In the shows he is in, it is clearly shown how goofy he is and entertaining for the viewers to enjoy. Not everyone can host and bring feel to the show, hence it is one of Joochan’s talents.

Plays Various Musical Instruments

ForJoochan’s violin part, go to 3:00

Man is extra lovely when he knows to play an instrument, what more he can play impressively more than one? Amazingly, Joochan is really one with the music. Music is really his passion and companion. He has great skills in playing various instruments such as violin, guitar, and piano among others. Fans can see him playing during his lives, which sometimes he loves to spend time with fans while playing and singing fans’ recommendations or songs that he wanted the latter to listen to.

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He also gets to showcase this talent in one of the performances in Mnet’s Road to Kingdom, WANNABE performance with a twist of playing Sampling Paganini 24 Caprices No. 24 in a Minor Op. 1.

Artist | Painter x DIY maker

Joochan’s skills do not end up with music and hosting, he also has a way into art. With his creativity, he does not just pour it into writing music but also creates art on a sheet and DIYs. He enjoys drawing and the stroke of the paintbrush into the paper and making DIY to make things personal and special.

Learns Hapkido at 7

Just like any other Korean who grew up with sports, Joochan learned the Korean martial arts called hapkido when he was seven years old. He won 15 gold medals and gathered around 30 award certificates from the hapkido competitions he joined.

Loves Photography

Joochan also loves photography. He has an interest and love in capturing the beauty of life and memories. He even shared that he enjoys taking pictures just like writing and dreams to publish a photo essay with photos he took for fans, the same with INFINITE’s L photo essay.

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Cute Voice Impression

As he has a playful side, Joochan also give fun to his fans through his voice impression. He once imitated Optimus Prime and can also impressionate the voice of the anchovy from SpongeBob SquarePants out of fun.

Eating as a skill

If eating is a skill, Joochan would be on top of it! We all eat, but Joochan is the master of it. He loves to eat just like Patrick the Star and amazingly eat a lot with his figure. In their reality shows, Joochan can be seen eating various foods and enjoys while doing so. In particular in one of the episodes of UHAME, he ate the whole burger in just two bites. There is also an instance that he got kicked out of a buffet with his two friends because of eating too much.

With all of the things mentioned above, it is clearly shown that he is indeed Jack of all trades. Hong Joochan is a special one with special personality. So, what are you waiting? Stan Golden Child now.

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