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Golden Child Y solo debuts with the digital single ‘If It’s The Wind’

Golden Child’s Y finally debuted solo after 6 years!

On March 15, 2023, Y released his first digital single titled “바람이라면” (If It’s The Wind). It is Y’s farewell song to his fans, Goldenness, as he enlists in the military on March 20.

Y sings about the deep love of a man whose heart is wandering after a break-up and finally reaches longing. His beautiful voice showed all the sad emotions and you can hear his yearning desire for someone. Y’s voice is accompanied by a lyrical piano and acoustic guitar which gave his song a beautiful but sad melody.

In the span of 6 years in his idol life, Y showed his talent in various fields in the entertainment industry. He sang official soundtracks in dramas, starred in 2 musicals (Altar Boyz and Midnight Sun) in 2021, and did song covers and dance covers as well. He is frequently seen guesting on various shows and radio shows.

Y proved that he is one of the best singers of his generation and this solo debut is what he deserved.

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Despite leaving on March 20 to fulfill his military duty as an active soldier, Y will spend his last week well with back-to-back schedules to promote his song and say goodbye to his dear fans. He will appear on M Countdown on March 16, at Music Bank on March 17, and on March 19 at Inkigayo.

Y will also hold his fan sign and video call event this March 18 to say his farewell to his fans.

Y is expected to be discharged on September 19, 2024.

We wish you all the best Sungyoon! Stay safe and take care of yourself while you serve. We will be waiting for you! Congratulations on your solo debut!

Listen to “If It’s The Wind” here:

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