#FeelTheWarmBreezeWithWAJOO: PH Goldenness Celebrates Golden Child’s Y & Joochan’s Special Day!

It’s usual for Kpop idols to have things in common, such having the same hobbies, fave movies, food, and even birthday. In fact, many idols celebrate their birthdays on the same day! What’s more remarkable, though? Is having two members from the same group share the same birthday!

Image Source: Woollim Entertainment

It was July 31 when Golden Child’s Choi Sungyoon and Hong Joochan was born. Yes, you read it right! And aside from having the same birthday, they were also both the main vocalist of the group!

Image Source: Woollim Entertainment

WaJoo’s special day was celebrated by PH Goldenness with a cup sleeve event that took place at Black Scoop Cafe Mandaluyong yesterday, July 30.

The fans were given the opportunity to interact with one another in addition to celebrating WaJoo’s birthday! A raffle was held for everyone who bought a kit, and the organizers also provided a lot of merchandise.

They also prepared a lot of fun games and quizzes for everyone. In addition, fans had the opportunity to write them heartfelt birthday messages!

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Congratulations to the organizers on a job well done with the cup sleeve event! Yay~

Are you also a Goldenness? What birthday wishes do you have for them mga, bes?

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