If you haven’t heard yet about Min Hyuk? Where have you been living? Lee Min Hyuk also known as Huta from the legendary kpop group called BTOB which debuted in 2012. He made his acting debut in the 2011 television drama “I Live in Cheongdam-dong.” and starred in a few other web dramas from 2013 until 2017.

However, this year he will make his long-awaited solo comeback as Huta with 2nd full length album “BOOM” and gearing up to hold a solo concert this coming July.

But before let’s get to know more about him? here are the five reasons for you stan this humbled yet top-notch idol:

1. He is a Man of Talent

Image from BTOB’s Official Facebook Page

He is the truly the definition of an indeed all-rounder idol because he can do rapping, dancing, singing, songwriting, acting and most especially being a radio dj.

And we might have an augment of energy to find what he can’t do however on the brighter side we are still proud that he pursue his passion which is realising modish music wherein he showing off his most creative and imaginative artistic side.

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2. He is the King of Fan Service

Image from BTOB’s Official Facebook Page

Most of the hallyu enthusiast really wanted to have an intimate interaction with our fave idol to show up our undeniably love and support, but minhyuk completely redefined fanservice as he evince heart-stopping action towards his fans by showing sincerity gratitude and appreciation every fan events.

Of course, his fans will testify that his fan service was indeed out of this world, that’s why he has been called as Melody’s fan service king.

3. He is a Legendary idol-Athlete

Image from BTOB’s Official Facebook Page

He is also known for having an outstanding and exceptional athletic ability in sports as he joined in 2014 ISAC and broke an incredible records in Vault jump reaching 183cm. And he is a truly well-deserved gold medalist

4. He is an epitome of Beautiful and Healthy

Image from BTOB’s Official Facebook Page

Over the years, he has been knowns not just for his statuesque visual but also having a great body, he staying fit and look sexy to maintain his incredible body physique.

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He returned to cover ‘Men’s Health’ magazine for December 2021 issue after approximately 7 years as he wanted to showcase an upgraded side to himself.

5. His Passion and Hard Work has indeed no limit

Image from BTOB’s Official Facebook Page

MELODYs considered him as one of the most hardworking idol as he shows his determination to improve even better as a singer, composer and actor.

Apart from that, he strive hard to give his finest efforts just to produce a jaw-dropping music as he ultimately fought through all those hardships to become as successful as he is today.

Let’s support Minhyuk as he begins the countdown of his solo comeback on June 27 at 6PM KST.

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