#HAPPY_HUTA_DAY: Celebrate the birthday of BTOB Minhyuk, the ultimate all-rounder idol

Written by: Agatha Fabricante of BTOBPH

November is a month full of celebration as we now celebrate BTOB Minhyuk’s birthday, a week after Eunkwang’s day. Both of them were born in the 90s so yes – Minhyuk is also 31 years old (can’t believe it? Me too!)

Let’s have a blast today as we look at the different sides of our all-rounder idol and how he’s a master of everything!

  1. Intense Rapper, HUTA – Of course this talent’s on top of the list! 

Even before debuting with BTOB members, Minhyuk was an active underground music artist with the rap name “HUTA” which he still uses today. In fact, his first solo album in 2019 was titled “HUTAZONE” in which he self-composed 11 tracks to leave gifts to Melodys before he enlisted in the military. 

HUTAZONE official poster
Photo from IG @hutazone

You may listen to the whole album here.

  1. Vocalist Minhyuk – We can’t stop listening to his honey vocals!

Minhyuk’s sweet vocals will blow your mind. In one interview, Minhyuk even said that he did rapping NOT because he doesn’t know how to sing but because he likes to rap more! 

Last November 5, he even released a single titled 알아 (Goodnight) to send comfort to everyone struggling to get by every day. The song assures everyone that there’s no need to pretend you’re okay and force yourself to smile when you don’t want to.

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알아 (Goodnight) Official Poster
Photo from IG @hutazone

Get comforted by watching the Official Lyric Video with English translation here:

  1. Songwriter Minhyuk is on another level!

Minhyuk usually gets his inspiration from movies whenever writing songs. Keep your eyes on his Instagram because he often posts spoilers like posters of the movies he watches when he has a new song created or soon to be released. 

Aside from writing his own songs, Minhyuk also writes for BTOB. He especially had a good share during BTOB 4U’s Inside and Outside Era promotions. He wrote the songs “Bullseye” and “그대로예요 (Alone)” in the INSIDE album while he wrote “Dreamer”, “미치고 싶어 (Can’t Breathe)”, and “피날레 (Show and Prove)” during OUTSIDE Era. 

As a personal recommendation (and favorite) you may watch their live performance of Dreamer in their NAVER Now’s 4 BEATS broadcast here:

  1. Model Minhyuk? Yes we love it!

As we all know, Minhyuk works out almost every day and this is the reason why! After 5 years, he is once again chosen to be Men’s Health Korea model for their December 2021 issue. Grab some copies now, Melody! It’s getting sold out fast!

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Men’s Health December 2021 Issue Cover A
Photo from IG @menshealth_korea
Men’s Health December 2021 Issue Cover B
Photo from IG @menshealth_korea
  1. Idol-Actor – Are we even surprised Minhyuk can act, too?

Minhyuk is also excellent in expressing his feelings through acting aside from singing. He has acted through various web dramas and short movies. The television series he is in are Reckless Family 2, A New Leaf, Sweet, Savage Family, Nightmare Teacher, Oh My God Tip, After the Show Ends, Unexpected Heroes, Dae Jang Geum is Watching, and Number Six. While his movies are Halfway, and The Swordsman.

One short drama we should look forward to is Netflix Original’s Goedam Season 2. Minhyuk finished filming early this year but no airdate and trailer have been released by Netflix yet. We can’t wait to see Minhyuk back on the small screen!

  1. Athlete Minhyuk – Our ever graceful flying squirrel breaks records!

Aside from the nickname “HUTA”, Minhyuk is also called squirrel because he resembles it whenever he’s eating – those puffy cheeks! And when it comes to sports, just add the word “flying” before it and there we have his sports nickname because when I tell you he flies when doing sports, he really does!

Minhyuk was able to set an unbreakable record during Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC) 2014 in the high jump bar with the bar set at 185 cm. You may watch the record-setting video (at 1:13) here:

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Another record set by Minhyuk was during Let’s Go Dream Team in the same year in the sport of vault jumping. He sets the best record among celebrities with the vault set at 2.75 meters. Let’s take a look back and proudly watch our flying squirrel (at 58:00) in this video:

  1. Every night with Ramdi

Last November 2, Minhyuk became KBS’ Cool FM Kiss The Radio official DJ. With the official title 비기라 (Bikira) it has been almost a month since we’ve been enjoying every night with 람디 (Ramdi) Minhyuk’s official DJ name. You may follow the radio’s official Instagram account at @btob.kiss.the.radio

Minhyuk on his 1st day as a DJ
Photo from IG @btob.kiss.the.radio

Send our HUTA, our flying squirrel, our Minhyuk – whatever you call him, the warmest and happiest birthday greetings today on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, on UCUBE app, and on tonight’s Bikira episode.

Also, don’t forget to join tomorrow’s Twitter Space to celebrate MinKwang’s birthday on November 30 at 8 p.m. 

Twitter Space poster from @btobph_

The Twitter Space will be organized by BTOBPH, the official fanclub of BTOB in the Philippines. We have prepared so much for you, Melody. See you there!

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