4 Best Filipino-Hallyu Podcasts You Must Start Listening To

Sometimes we find ourselves with the crossword of choices whether it could be with drama series, type of music, or a modern audio based platforms that we had in the present which called Podcast.

Moreover, the reasons why you’re still here is probably because you wanna know further our podcast channel recommendations that you should start listening to as early as now.

Here are the four best Filipino-Hallyu themed podcasts:

1. All Things K

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If you are a first or second Korean pop-culture enthusiast and you went to a lot of Hallyu events, probably you’re familiar with the popular emcee Ms. Kring Kim, this channel focuses on all Korean-related things such as food, travel, K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Beauty, and many more.

They’ve discussed so many topics with detailed and intimate information with the help of her husband Jimmy Kim who focused on the technical side since he was born and raised in South Korea himself.

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Hence, if you wanna learn more, you can check their channel and start fangirling even more.

You can listen here: https://open.spotify.com/show/3Y0eyAnShtkpxXiawDlNCz

2. It’s Happee Hour

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This channel aims to have a literally happy hour, they talk mostly about balancing work-life, social-life, and finances for you to cope with your happiness as you immerse yourself with a wide variety of Korean entertainment content because that’s the mission of this podcast.

They even invited some fans who shared their struggles with depression and anxiety. Moreover, Inang Reyna (Ms. Happee Sy) addresses her advice towards listeners that being a fangirl doesn’t need to cost a lot and you just need to give your unstoppable love and support physically or virtually.

You can listen here: https://open.spotify.com/show/489M7vNTzLFycIIdlTG5e3

3. Hallyuuuh with mimiyuuuh

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If you wanna feel ebullient and cheerful at the same time while listening to this podcast then this is the right channel for you, this podcast were raw and unfiltered, just having a casual conversation about engaging K-pop topics in general and they are absolutely hilarious to listen to.

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Moreover, he gives his insights along with his guest about how K-pop changes our lives and what will be K-pop in the future, and if you’re interested in this kind of topic, you might be fascinated by it.

You can listen here: https://open.spotify.com/show/3e84uZ1pzs6VfrI3LgebJf

4. Spill The Soju

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This podcast covers a wider range of topics, where the three well-spoken emcees talk about Korean beauty standards, K-Drama syndrome, fandom culture, and many more.

They also invited one of the biggest names in Korean entertainment here in the Philippines such as Happee Sy and Sam Oh wherein they talked about how they started their career and exclusive behind the scene of their successful events.

You can listen here: https://open.spotify.com/show/7mpnPebyrlOevdT9ziNZVw

Do you have other podcast channels that you wanna recommend? Please share those in the comment section down below, bes!

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