Known for his roles in hit drama series such us Search WWW, Extraordinary You, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, and Alchemy of Souls, this fine young man continues to charm his fans through his talent for acting and just by being himself.

Just a day before his “First” Fan Meeting here in the Philippines, which happened last March 11, 2023. Lee Jae Wook took time from his busy schedule to meet selected people from the press.

Lee Jae Wook shared that the Philippines was one of the countries that he had been wanting to visit for quite some time. He also stated his regret for having to visit the Philippines for work and not for leisure but at the same time he was so happy to finally be here to meet and make many memories with his Filipino fans who have given him so much love.

Lee Jae Wook also shared that he knows that the Philippines was rich with beautiful vacation spots, but due to his tight schedule, for now, he won’t be able to visit them. But if he was given a chance, he wanted to visit Boracay because of his love for swimming.

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When asked about a specific character that he would love to play in the future, Lee Jae Wook answered that if he would be given a chance he would want to play a strong and complex character.

But he also stated that the role that was most memorable to him was his role in the hit drama series, “Alchemy of Souls”, Jang Uk, as this was his role that was well received and the reason why he was able to do his Fan Meeting here and other places in Asia.

Lee Jae Wook said that if he was given a chance to be a man of charisma or a man of determination, he chose the latter for the sole reason that being a man of charisma meant that life is going to be a little tiring. He also pointed out that to be a man of determination meant having to focus on one thing and doing it until the end.

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Lee Jae Wook also shared his first impression of the Phillippines and his Filipino fans as strong, passionate, and well-mannered.

When asked if he can go anywhere in the universe Lee Jae Wook answered playfully that he will be scared to venture out that far because of how big the universe is, so he don’t think that he would want to see it and just remain here on earth.

Some insider facts about Lee Jae Wook

  • He listens to these artists while traveling: NewJeans, Hwang Min-hyun, and BLACKPINK
  • Before doing an interview, he revealed that he has this habit wherein he needs to sweat first. Like going to the spa, sauna, or he will go for a run
  • He said he is more like Jang Uk from season one because he likes to have the people around him have a good time, he is naughty and playful which he finds similarities with himself
  • Lee Jae Wook revealed that he loves working but grew tired of the job quickly and easily, which lead him to become an actor that makes him play different roles all the time like he was doing different things all the time 
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The press conference ended with Lee Jae Wook telling his fans how he was looking forward to this event for a very long time and how excited he was to finally meet his Filipino fans. He also discloses how he was equally nervous and excited but he was looking forward to making good memories with his fans.

Were you able to attend Lee Jae Wook’s “First” fan meeting last March 11, 2023? 

Tell us your favorite memory of that night!

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