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WATCH: Cafe Minamdang trailer is out and coming to Netflix this June!

Seo In-guk and Oh Yeon-seo’s Cafe Minamdang is coming to Netflix!

The series is based from the web novel, Minamdang: Case note by Jung Jae-ha.
It tells a story of former profiler, Nam Han Jun who is now a fraudster and uses his look and shaman persona to attract customers.

Things get a little interesting upon the discovery of Cafe Minamdang where he crosses paths with Han Jae-hee a righteous detective with three years of experience.

You may watch the trailer here:

The series will be available on Netflix this June 27.

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  1. The web novel, Cafe Minamdang is a good story glad they made it as show. I will watch it for sure!

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