BTOB prepares for their 10th anniversary as they release ‘Be Together’ album

Written by: Virstania Skye San Juan of BTOBPH

Finally, the most awaited BTOB comeback has arrived!

On February 21, BTOB released their third full-length album titled ‘Be Together’  with ‘’The Song” as the title track.

“The Song” was written by BTOB’s very own Father of Music, Lim Hyunsik. It is a love letter, both nostalgic and heartwarming, that sincerely conveys the group’s feelings – maybe to a loved one, to someone from the past, to a dear friend, and surely BTOB themselves, and to Melody.  

The music video is both personal and grand, as the boys are shown on their own, but also together, with full confetti, on a big stage doing what they do best – singing their hearts out.

The group’s close brotherhood is shown as they gather in a spot where they waited for Peniel, a contrast to what really happened the past few years when he waited for them to finish their military enlistments. The sentiment of waiting takes center stage and is perfectly portrayed.

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Aside from the artistic imagery in the MV, the song itself contains lyrics that would definitely make anyone become soft-hearted. 

“A song that has our memories and we used to listen together

A melody we used to sing together, I will always keep it in my heart

Until the time stops, I will sing forever 

Until I lose my voice, I will sing of you”

“At the end of the tired day, this is the song that will hug you

Remember this voice that is for you”

These lyrics echo what the group has been saying all these years. They want to be together and to sing forever as long as time permits them – to sing the song that holds the memories they have created, the one that would bring comfort even if those memories hold the pain. In the end, it is all beautiful.

As expected from BTOB, they continue to deliver songs that people truly relate to, no matter what the situation they are in.

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The album is full of well-written songs, such as “Whiskey”, “Thank You”, “Lonely”, “My Way”, and more songs by other members, Lee Minhyuk and Peniel, that are worthy to be title tracks as well.

The Be Together album shows BTOB’s ability to connect to Melody and the public just by listening to the songs in the album. Though BTOB is known to be ballad-dols, this did not stop them from including songs from other genres. Well, as many fans say, BTOB itself is a genre.

Due to their military hiatus, four years have passed since the public heard the healing voices of BTOB members. It was a long waiting game for Melody (and even Peniel). The wait is finally over.  BTOB is back, perfectly in time for their 10th anniversary!  

BTOB is busy promoting the new album. They are expected to appear on JTBC’s Knowing Bros and MBC’s Point of Omniscient Interfere on February 26, and on KBS’s Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook on February 25.

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After its initial release, BTOB’s “The Song” has peaked at #1 on both Bugs and Genie, #28 on Flo, #2 on Vibe Rising, #6 on Melon 24-hour chart, #17 on Melon Top 100 and has surpassed 100,000 streams on Melon with more than 50,000 Unique Listeners.

The Be Together album has entered #1 on iTunes album chart worldwide for the first time since its debut. It is also #1 in 17 countries including the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil, Peru, and a lot more.

Listen to the album on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming sites.

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