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Lim Hyunsik is a music genius

Written by: Yam Pernecita

Happy Hyunsik Day, yeoleobun!

Image from CUBE Entertainment Inc.

Lim Hyunsik, born on March 7, 1992, is a singer-composer from the K-pop boy group BTOB.

Aside from being the group’s lead vocalist, he finished his degree in Practical Music in one of South Korea’s prestigious music universities, Howon University, alongside his co-member BTOB Lee Changsub. 

Thanks to BTOB’s wide variety of tracks, there is no genre that Lim Hyunsik can’t sing. Aside from their signature ballad, Hyunsik can slay singing rap songs, jazz, pop, rock, and even folk music.

Pop Ballad

All of Me by John Legend

One of the famous song covers of Hyunsik is All of Me by John Legend. Many fans praised his beautiful accent as he effortlessly hit all the high notes while playing the piano live in a radio broadcast. He is not BTOB’s father of music for nothing!


Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra

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In November 2019, Hyunsik surprised his fans with his street busking. It was an event specially made for Melody who was not able to attend his solo concerts. All of the fans were awestruck at his romantic gestures as he happily sang the hit song Fly Me to the Moon. 

Jazz Rock

Moondance by Van Harrison

Listening to Hyunsik’s Moondance cover would make you think that English is his second language. His sexy and beautiful voice (in English 😉) perfectly suits this jazz-rock song.

R & B Soul

Only One by Kanye West

As a popular South Korean ballad singer, Hyunsik’s version of Only One by Kanye West is something that everyone should hear. His soulful and comforting voice gives more life to this R&B song. A perfect background song for a special dinner date!

Pinoy Pop / Folk

Anak by Freddie Aguilar

It’s been five years since Hyunsik, alongside his fellow member, BTOB Seo Eunkwang sang the famous Filipino song Anak by Freddie Aguilar, but it seems impossible for Filipino Melody to get over it any time soon.

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Reminiscence and Tide of Love by Lim Jihoon

Hyunsik’s father, Lim Jihoon, is a famous folk singer in South Korea. The father-and-son shared a lot of live stages together. As you can see, the birthday boy is proud of his father’s music and is happily following his legacy.

BTOB finally made their comeback after their 4-year military hiatus last February 21, 2022. They released their 3rd full-length album Be Together. Out of 13 tracks, Hyunsik composed a total of eight songs including the album’s title track “The Song” which​ recently won two music award shows as of this writing. Another hit song by the birthday boy, Lim Hyunsik!

What perfect meeting would it be to celebrate Hyunsik’s birthday but Twitter Space?? BTOBPH, the official fanbase of BTOB in the Philippines organized a Twitter Space on March 6 as pre-birthday celebration of our dearest Hyunsik. 

Stories about Hyunsik were shared. Games were held — we hope you got some prizes! Don’t forget to send Hyunsik your happiest birthday greetings today, Melody!

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