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BTOB’s Peniel celebrated his birthday last March 10 and it is the perfect day to appreciate him as well.

Everyday is always the perfect day to give thanks to Peniel’s service as the President of Melody fanclub, as he always makes sure that Melody’s voices are always heard.

Melody are grateful to Peniel for many reasons, and here are some of them:

Peniel communicate to Melody by speaking both Korean and English

Peniel grew up in Chicago and only went to Korea to pursue his passion for singing/rapping. Since English is his mother tongue, it is easier for Peniel to communicate  with  international Melody. 

Peniel always posts/tweets in two languages, in Korean and in English. Follow him on Twitter (@PenielShin) and on Instagram (@btobpeniel) to get updated.

Link to Twitter:


Link to Instagram:


While we are at it, it would be best not to always ask other members to speak in English especially when they are not comfortable with it.

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Streaming “Sorry” and “New Men” album internationally

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Photo screenshot from Peniel’s Twitter account (@PenielShin)

International Melody had a hard time streaming hyung line’s “Sorry” and BTOB’s 9th EP “New Men”.

When he found out, Peniel instantly notified CUBE Entertainment and 짜잔, and the issue was fixed and international Melody were able to stream the songs.

He gave us Penography and POV

Peniel surely enjoys the company of a good camera which results to top quality pictures and even vlogs, which he did once upon a time.  

Peniel shot Changsub’s first Japanese solo album cover in 2017 and then worked again with Changsub’s first Korean solo album in 2019.

Link to instagram:

In his photography Instagram account (@penography310) Peniel also posted an image still cut of BTOB’s 2nd full album Brother Act. 


Peniel also directed BTOB Blue’s music video for “Stand By Me”.  The one take music video was so beautifully shot. 

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You can watch it here:

If you happen to miss Peniel’s vlogs, you can rewatch it on his official YouTube account. Most of his contents are about the behind-the-scenes of BTOB’s events.


For writing and delivering heartfelt rap lyrics

BTOB’s rappers always write their own raps in every song which makes it more sincere and heartfelt when they perform. One of my favorites in Peniel’s rap is a line in BTOB4U’s “Show Your Love” when translated, the line says “Saying “it’s hard” doesn’t mean you’re weak. Sometimes everybody needs someone to lean on.”

Watch and stream the official MV here:

Lastly, the best thing that we should be thankful for is Peniel’s existence.

We may sometimes forget the 4 above but we should ALWAYS be thankful for Peniel’s pure existence. Other BTOB members have said so many good things about how he is such a good friend.  Someone even saw him help an elderly person cross the street once.  Since moving to Korea, we can only imagine the hardships Peniel experienced in order to become a successful idol today. Peniel was never afraid to show who he really is and that’s what makes Melody love him more.

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To celebrate more of Peniel’s birthday, BTOBPH, the official fanclub of BTOB in the Philippines, organized a watch party of an episode of “Skool of KPOP” with BTOB Squad as the guests. BTOB Squad members are BTOB Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon, and Sungjae. 

Philippine Melody also decided to celebrate Peniel’s birthday with a cause. Team @happypenielday on Twitter organized a donation drive in partnership with Strays Worth Saving (SWS), an organization for rescuing and helping stray animals. 

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Photo from @happypenielday on Twitter

The deadline of donation will be on March 21, 2021. To know more about the said donation drive, follow their Twitter thread below.


Don’t forget to let Peniel feel our love and appreciation for all the things that the Melody’s President did for us.

May it be today or any other day, don’t forget to be thankful to Peniel, he deserves it!

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