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5 songs to make you appreciate BTOB Changsub’s vocals

Written by: Yam Pernecita of BTOBPH

February 26 is Melody’s favorite mochi day!

Lee Changsub, born on February 26, 1991, is the lead vocalist of BTOB. He is famous for his playful public image and insane vocal range. He debuted in 2017 as a solo artist when he released his first solo album bpm 82.5 in Japan. 

If you do not have an idea of his powerful vocals, let us look back and appreciate some of his best solo performances:

Beautiful (Duet Song Festival)

KDrama fans, can you remember this song? Changsub performed Goblin’s OST Beautiful by Crush last March 3, 2017, at Duet Song Festival. Some of the program’s hosts praised his nostalgic performance and great chemistry with his partner. He was able to show his high vocal range through this famous song through ad-libs and singing higher than the original key.

At the End

Lee Changsub proves that his high vocal range is limitless as he released his first solo title track, At the End, aka a not-so-surprisingly high solo track ever released by a BTOB member. What’s even amazing is that he can even hit the high notes even when crying!

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Before enlisting in the military last 2018, Changsub released “Gone” as a gift to his fans. Despite the sad melody of the track, Changsub did not fail to deliver his sweet, calming and healing voice. This song became the fandom’s comfort while waiting for his return. 

The Reason I thought I’d Die (Boku ga Shinou to Omotta no Wa by Amazarashi Cover)

The current favorite of many fans is Lee Changsub’s cover of Boku ga Shinou to Omotta no Wa (The Reason I Thought I’d Die). His powerful voice matches the noir vibe of the song cover. Both fans and nonfans have swooned with Lee Changsub’s ability to touch other people’s emotions. 

Lost Stars (Cover)

Oh! If you know Changsub, you cannot not know this cover! One of Lee Changsub’s best song covers was his version of Lost Stars by Adam Levine. What’s amazing is that the video released on different social media sites is just a practice video. Just Changsub leisurely singing in the practice room and effortlessly hitting all the high notes unintentionally making everyone fall in love with him. 

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More than his amazing vocal range, Lee Changsub’s heart is undeniably beautiful and generous too. To commemorate his 31st birthday, BTOBPH in partnership with Gigi’s Milk Runs donated to Good Samaritan Nursing Home on February 25. 

Photos from Gigi’s Milk Runs

To keep the celebration alive, BTOBPH will also hold a Twitter Space later at 8:00 p.m. PHT. Check the Twitter thread below to know more about this exciting event. 

While waiting for the Twitter Space, do not forget to send happy birthday messages and all the positive vibes to Changsub​!

Also check out BTOB’s latest release, The Song, and see more of the birthday boy here:

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