8 Running Man episodes with guests to binge-watch

Running Man has long been a fan favorite throughout the world, and did you know that as of 2021, the show has aired for an incredible 11 years?

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If you haven’t watch Running Man yet, here’s a list of funniest Running Man episodes with guests, all of which are worth watching twice.

Episode 1

Running Man’s first episode is noteworthy since it is where it all began. At first, the founding members were all males, and in the first episode, special guests Lee Hyori and Hwang Jungeum showed their unbeatable desire to win each mission.

Screenshot from Running Man Episode 1

Also, Lee Kwangsoo become the first Running Man member to get his name tag ripped off.

Episode 50

For this episode, the Running Man members traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, with guests Kim Min Jung and 2PM’s Nickhun. It’s an ordinary episode with a lot of action as the members and visitors execute several assignments throughout Thailand.

Screenshot from Running Man Episode 50

Years later, Yoo Jaesuk, stated that the program was going to be terminated after this episode due to low ratings in South Korea.

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However, after receiving a warm reception from Thai fans at the airport, the producers decided to give the program another opportunity. It turns out, the show is more popular worldwide.

Episode 136

Another exciting episode, as the members traveled to Vietnam with guests Lee Dongwook and Han Hyejin to unravel the mystery of the nine swords. They played the famous Running Man game, name tag elimination, to determine who would win and hold the ultimate sword, clad in various colors Ao Dais.

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Episode 244

This was one of the funniest episodes, with some hilarious Lee Kwangsoo and Song Jihyo moments. The KwangMong sibling duo appears as a bonus, providing more entertainment and plenty of laughs throughout the game.

Screenshot from Running Man Episode 244

Jessi, Jang Doyeon, Choa, Kim Yoori, and Seo Yeji appeared as guests in this episode.

Episode 346

Gary, one of the founding members of Running Man, quit the show a few episodes before this one. The production team intends to tweak the missions and games, as well as include two new characters in the program.

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Screenshot from Running Man Episode 346

The newest members of Running Man, Jeon Somin and Yang Sechan, were presented to the audience in this episode.

Family Package Project (393-396, 399-400, 406-408)

This episode is part of the show’s ‘Family Package Project’, a long-term project in which they invited four guests (Lee Dahee, Kang Hanna, Lee Sangyeob, Hong Jinyoung) to join them for a month of shooting.

Winners of each show are eligible for a luxury package spot in the roulette, while losers’ names are placed on the dreadful package.

Screenshot from Running Man Episode 393

For this adventurous journey, Lee Dahee, Lee Kwangsoo, and Yoo Jaesuk were picked for the punishment ‘Wing Walking’.

Episode 409

This episode of the pair race is not to be missed. The guest appearances of Blackpink’s Jennie and Jisoo, as well as Sistar’s Bora, Eunjung, Hwang Chiyeul, and Pyo Yejin, made this episode highly thrilling and anticipated by fans.

Screenshot from Running Man Episode 409

This episode contains numerous memorable scenes, including Jennie performing aegyo for Kwangsoo, who fell in love with her right away.

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Episode 572-574

In this episode, Trainer Kook, a celebrity who enjoys working out, discovers that his gym is on the edge of bankruptcy. He asks other members to join him in the gym to recover from the terrible circumstance.

As predicted, none of the members are committed to the gym or the training, and even Jongkook has trouble keeping them in check.

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The women’s national volleyball team appears on the show to compete against the Running Man League players in the 2022 Draft. Particularly, someone on the national team looks and acts precisely like Kwangsoo.

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