After airing 564 episodes in 2021, Running Man was officially named the longest-running Korean variety program. And as of the moment this article was written, Running Man has already released 635 episodes.

Running Man, a variety show that has been running for twelve years and counting, has a lot of funny episodes where different artists have appeared as the show’s guest stars.

With that, let’s review the funniest and finest Running Man episodes of 2022.

Episode 591: Seri and Birdie Buddy

Pak Seri visited Running Man as a coach in this episode. All members will receive a penalty, but Seri will guide them through the 18 mission holes in order to win money. With the money they make, they may purchase penalty exemption cards and even expose the hidden option.

Episode 604: Black and White Rose

Screenshot from Running Man

ASTRO, one of the hottest idol groups, stops by Running Man. In this race, to fight against the team Running Man and win the prize, ASTRO must work with Somin to get flowers from her. Members of Running Man must also receive flowers from Jihyo to be qualified for the prize.

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Episode 611: The Rice Spoon War

The members are eager for a delicious meal on this race. But as always, they have to work for their food. The race for snacks is split between two teams. With Yoon Bomi, Park Chorong, Mirani, and KCM as guests, the teams encounter challenges that put their expertise and emotional endurance to the test.

Episode 626: Show Me the Fight Money

Image Source: SBS Running Man

Manny Pacquiao, one of boxing’s greatest fighters, is the guest on this episode. He comes to Korea to compete in a boxing match, but he also visits Running Man. With Manny Pacquiao, the race will be a competition between two teams. To earn as much money as possible to purchase the penalty exemption card, the members should win games.

Episode 627: Seokjin VS Seokjin

Image Source: SBS Running Man

BTS’s Jin stops by Running Man for this episode as a guest. Since his real name is Seokjin, Jee Seokjin and Kim Seokjin compete in separate teams. They need to win games in order to get less penalty balls. To join the winning team, the members can, however, move teams using an exchange ticket. Everyone needs to win games and use the tickets wisely in order to avoid the ultimate punishment.

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Which episode is your favorite, above all? Let us know about it in the comment section below!

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