5 Best episodes in Running Man without guest

Running Man is a South Korean variety show that airs every Sunday on SBS.

Premiered on July 11, 2010, and now aired over 572 episodes, making it one of the longest-running variety shows.

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Sharing here are 5 best episodes of Running Man without a special guest.

Episode 12 (Trick Joong Ki)

The highlight of the episode, is the first mission wherein Joong Ki is tricked in a 1 versus 7 challenge.

Song Joong Ki returned to Running Man after he did not come for previous episodes due to his filming activities. The group must deceive Song Joong Ki under the premise of a Q&A assignment. Before Joong Ki answer the questions correctly, the other members must answer them first.

Screenshot from Running Man Episode 12

In this mission, the members showed great chemistry and cooperation in answering the quiz without getting caught by Joong Ki. Also, in this episode started to bloom the love between Monday Couple!

Episode 38 (Yoomes Bond)

The members are instructed to locate the visitors. When they find the guest/s, they must remove the armband the guests are wearing to eliminate them and win.

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Screenshot from Running Man Episode 38

Everyone assumed there was a guest who was killing people, but it turned out to be Yoo Jaesuk. And this was the birth of Yoomes Bond.

Episode 91 (The Return of Yoomes Bond)

Members were arrested after committing a crime and according to Running Man law, they must fulfill their sentence before they will be freed. With this, all the Running Man members have been imprisoned.

Screenshot from Running Man Episode 91

Little did they know, Yoomes Bond returned after precisely a year after successfully eliminating all the members in the previous episode. In this episode, betrayal comes after betrayal.

Episode 130 (Running Man Reincarnation)

Members were back in the year 1931, each member received a key to open the treasure box and obtain the gold. They were intended to eliminate the person holding the keys when they reincarnated in 2013 to obtain the keys to open the true treasure trove.

Screenshot from Running Man Episode 130

This episode showed shocking twists and turns and betrayal after betrayal. And the remarkable moment is when Gary proved once again his title ‘Mr. Random Capable’.

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Episode 276 (Finding Gary)

Gary (former), was imprisoned in a glass cube in this episode, and the other members had to free him. He was unaware that there’s a box full of diamonds under the bed, which was the initial purpose of the other members.

Screenshot from Running Man Episode 276

As the members trying to find him, Gary already deduced that the passcode is ‘7012′. And this was the birth of Running Man 7012.

7012 refers to the seven members of the Running Man at the time, as well as the sentiment of sticking together through thick and bad. (7 Running Man members FOREVER).

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