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Check out these 8 thrilling and mysterious Running Man episodes!

Even if you’re not an avid K-pop fan, we’re quite sure you’ve heard of this widely popular variety program called Running Man, which premiered on SBS on July 11th, 2010.

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Each episode has a different theme, with actors and special guests completing series of missions in order to win the race! And here are the list of thrilling and horror Running Man episodes to binge-watch that will you run (literally).

Episode 98 (Mystery Zombie Race)

This episode is about the members traveling on a field trip to a certain island. Following the campfire, the last treasure hunt begins, and a series of bizarre occurrences unfold around them.

Screenshot from Running Man

A stunning revelation subsequently shows that one of them had been infected by a zombie who had concealed among them.

Episode 155 (Destiny Pairs)

This episode highlights Bae Suzy, Korea’s darling, and the cast as they reminisce about their school days. The plot centers on completing a series of games in order to locate your destined partner and become the fated couple.

Screenshot from Running Man

However, the show took a dark turn when it was revealed that there will be death and a ghost among them in between the mushy stereotypical high school love narrative.

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Episode 261 (Please Find Me!)

A continuation of the 5th Anniversary Special, with guests including all of well-known vocalists in the 1990s. After the visitors have departed, the programs’ primary feature begins with a terrifying loyalty test with the employees.

Screenshot from Running Man

The members is taken to a creepy-looking building to finish the assignment, which involves two running man members and their respective cameramen to explore the facility for their name tags as well as the cameraman’s name tag.

With this, the ghosts that the creative team had planned for the individuals within the building terrified everyone.

Episode 277 (Rescue the Survivors)

This episode revolves around a zombie virus that has spread across South Korea thanks to a hidden facility. The government has decided to send the Running Man team to acquire the cure as their final hope!

Screenshot from Running Man

You can expect an episode full of screams as you infiltrate a hidden laboratory full of scary-looking zombies.

Episode 354 (Labyrinth of Fear)

The Labyrinth of Fear will be experienced by designated members in Japan, based on historical outcomes from previous episodes. The Labyrinth of Fear said to be one of the world’s largest and longest haunted houses, is so terrifying that underwear is offered in the park for visitors who wet their pants.

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One of the five members must depart alone. To avoid being picked, the five members execute a series of missions designed to minimize their chances of getting chosen.

Episode 364 (Find the Ghosts)

The eight members are going on a retreat in this episode. There are no guests in this episode. Instead of six men and two women, two men had to become ladies!

Screenshot from Running Man

As they were having fun, they had no idea that the two of them are ghosts. To win, they need to figure out who is a ghost among them.

Episode 408 (Family Package Project)

The members of Running Man faced their concerns of ghosts at the ‘Oxford Castle’, also known as ‘Ghost Castle’, in this episode. By residing at the notorious Oxford Castle, the team took on some terrifying tasks.

Screenshot from Running Man

The members faced their concerns by participating in extreme sports such as wing-walking, heli-skiing, and traversing the World’s Longest Crossing Bridge! And to be excused from sleeping in the castle, the members were assigned an assignment in which they had to do a mission.

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Episode 505 (Secret of the Old Village)

The Running Man members are invited to a town to look for hidden jewels that may be traded for money. Strange things begin to happen in the town as they begin their quest for jewels. As more and more facts emerge, they uncover the village’s terrible secret.

While these episodes of Running Man are known to be exhilarating, we assure you that they will also be enjoyable and humorous.

If you have other episodes recommendation, leave them at the comments below!

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