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Best name-tag ripping episodes in Running Man as of 2010-2016!

Running Man is a South Korean variety program in which members and guests must complete a series of missions to win the race. It premiered on July 11, 2010, and has a total of 578 episodes as of today.

One of the most sought-after concepts among Running Man fans is Name Tag Elimination.

It has advanced from a simple ‘Tag-You-Are-It’ game to include Attack-Defense, Solo and Team Battles, Superpowers, Spy Missions, and many more.

Screenshot from Running Man

As we miss this kind of mission, here’s some name-tag ripping episode to re-watch!

Fun with Weather (Episode 20)

In this episode, the first mission, three teams of three persons compete to read a weather report as precisely as possible. Following this, Yoo Jaesuk’s lie detector exam, 1 vs 8, wherein the members have thirty minutes to make Yoo Jaesuk lie three times while linked up to the lie detector machine.

And the most anticipating mission is bells hide-and-seek. Within one hour, the task team must locate four Running Man umbrellas and put them on a shelf. And the chasing team must rip off all of the mission team’s name tags.

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Sherlock Holmes (Episode 79)

A courier leaves a mystery envelope in front of our members’ doors late at night. Each of the members tries to figure out today’s task while driving to the harbor.

Screenshot from Running Man

Arriving at the mission location, members are briefed on the real case: a sapphire has gone stolen, and it’s up to them to find it using clues strewn about the ship. They’ll be paid handsomely as a result.

Reincarnation Special (Episode 130)

The members are reincarnated at different periods and ended up reincarnating into other members, as shown by the little name tag underneath the first one. Finding who they are will help them win the race and get home the gold!

Screenshot from Running Man

Running Man vs Law of the Jungle (Episode 145)

Screenshot from Running Man

This episode features an epic battle between the casts of two well-known variety programs. The Running Man team and the Law of the Jungle team compete in a survival race, with one member from the losing team being kidnapped in each round.

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Idol Athletic Championship (Episode 195)

Yoo Jaesuk hosts a competition that puts idol labels against one other. The guests are Jo Jungchi, Yoon Jongshin, and Muzy, as well as the popular idol groups 2NE1 and 2PM.

Screenshot from Running Man

Just when you thought you’d seen every variation of nametag ripping under the sun, Running Man turns it on its head, adding a whole new element for your entertainment pleasure: an up-to-the-minute commentary.

Running Star Wars (Episode 222)

Mt. Jiri must be a lucky charm for Running Man because this was again another great episode. Martians and Venusians unwittingly combine to discover a route back to their planet in a spoof of Star Wars.

Screenshot from Running Man

In order to go home and leave the third rock from the sun, they must solve many puzzles and complete a funny name tag task.

Secret Society (Episode 284)

Running Man is sent back in time, where he is joined by soccer stars Park Ji-Sung, Jong Tae-Se, and Ji So-Yun, who are immersed in a historical drama set in Shanghai during the independence movement. They’ll quickly discover that not everyone can be trusted as they gather donations for the war cause.

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Screenshot from Running Man

As a result, it will be up to them to safeguard one of them while also determining who has betrayed them all.

Above all, which episode is your favorite? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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  1. I’ve been trying to find the episode where members vs staff name tag. It’s old prior 2016 but can’t recall from what year. If anyone knows where the staff can pull the members name tag off race, let me know pls.

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