Golden Child wants you to “follow” them and their brand new track ‘Ddara’!

Just two months since their last comeback, Golden Child is back again with brand new music and album!

Their 2nd repackage album titled “Ddara” is released today at 6 PM KST. 

With their title track “Ddara”, Golden Child is ready to conquer the music scene with their new tracks and incredible dance moves.

“Ddara” contains a total of 13 tracks, with 11 tracks from their 2nd full album “Game Changer” and 2 additional tracks titled “Ddara” and “Oasis”.

Additionally, the brand new track “Oasis” is composed by TAG.

The track “Ddara” is a new jack swing style with a rhythmic beat. According to TAG, it’s a genre they are not familiar with, but once they heard the song guide, they thought it sounds cool and unique.

The new track delivers a message of “follow my lead”, which delivers the message of not caring about what other people would think about you and just let change happen.

The choreography of this track shows a classy and mature concept. The boys look so elegant wearing those suits and their dance moves are highlighted throughout the video.

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Even members Jangjun, Seungmin, and Donghyun said that “Ddara” has an amazing choreography and is close to their previous song “Without You”.

Watch the music video here:

The b-side “Oasis”, which is composed by TAG, tells the message of TAG’s gratitude and love towards the members.

TAG explained that the members are each other’s haven and whenever they are tired, they have each other as their oasis, the only shelter in the desert.

“Oasis” highlights the members’ voices and harmony with an acoustic sound.

As of writing, their 2nd repackage album recorded a total of 8,345 sales.

Congratulations Golden Child on your brand new album! “Ddara” will surely be a hit!

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