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LOOK: New Photos of Lee Dong Wook And Yoo In Na With The Cast of New tvN Drama ‘Touch Your Heart’ Revealed

The cast of tvN's new drama, 'Touch Your Heart' gathered together to perform a goodluck ritual for the show.

The cast of tvN’s new drama, ‘Touch Your Heart’ gathered together to perform a goodluck ritual for the show.

All the cast members including Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na, Park Jun Hwa, Shin Dong Wook, Son Dong Wook, Oh Jung Yoon, Jang So Yeon, Park Ji Hwan and Lee Jun Hyuk attended the event and prayed for the safety of their filming and for the drama to be a big hit.

Lee Dong Wook said that he will do his best and he hopes that the filming will end safely without hurting the staff members. Yoo In Na said that she will do her best to create a fun scene. She boosted the morale of the producers and the cast with her charming ‘fighting’.

At the end of the ritual, they also delivered their New Year’s greetings with bright smiles.

‘Touch Your Heart’ is a webtoon-based drama about a top actress who is on the downfall due to a scandal with a grandson of a chaebol and a lawyer with a cold personality. It will be aired in 2019 after the drama Encounter.

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Watch their first video teaser here.

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