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Jeon So Min plays a role of a grieving mother in the 2021 KBS Drama special “Hee Soo”

Written by: RCSM of Jeon So Min Tadpoles Global Fan Group

Jeon So Min is set to reunite with Park Sung Hoon for the 2021 KBS drama special “Hee Soo”.

“Hee Soo” is a sci-fi horror one-act drama about a married couple who are living in grief after their daughter (played by child actress Kim Yun Seul) died in an accident and will restore her through a VR project. 

Also starring Kim Kwang Hyun and Park Hana, it is expected to offer a different kind of fun by combining the story of a grieving family and the fresh genre of sci-fi horror. 

Here’s the teaser released by KBS:

And while we are waiting for “Hee Soo”, you can watch the 2018 KBS Drama Special “Review Notebook Of My Embarrassing Days”.

UHD KBS Drama Special 2021-TV Cinema is a project by KBS, starting with “Hee Soo”, which will be aired on October 22. 

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