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WATCH: Hospital Playlist’s Casts in this ‘Three Meals A Day’ special preview!

It’s a Three Meals a Day: Mountain Village featuring our Hospital Playlist casts!

Weeks after the medical drama reached its season finale, fans have been anticipating a variety program starring the Class of ’99 squad. Early on, tvN has confirmed that they indeed have a special treat for the fans of the said drama.

Three Meals A day Doctors
Official Poster from tvN

As a result, Wise Village Mountain Life is born! The show will have a Three Meals a Day concept with our Yulje Medical doctors. The show is directed by Na Young Seok (Na PD). He once appeared in the drama as Jang Yeong Seok (yup, he is Mone’s dad)!

A few days ago, Channel Full Moon has released a preview highlight! The video is uploaded on Youtube as a sneak peeks to the fans of the show.

You can watch it below, but extreme warning: get ready to crave Korean food, and expect to giggle!

Three Meals A Day: Mountain Village is starred by Cho Jung Seok, Jeon Mido, Kim Dae Myung, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yoon Seok and will also include Kim Hae-sook, who played Jung Rosa.

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The show will be available on Viu this October 9.

Featured Image from tvN.

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