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7 Filipina Stars Noticed by their Korean Idols that made us say, SANA ALL!

Prayer reveal naman dyan, mga mumsh!

Ah, the life of a fangirl (or fanboy). It’s truly unpredictable, and in some cases it allows you to keep entertained when life throws you lemons. In the Philippines, the influence of Hallyu Wave is pretty visible. The Korean restaurants and  Korean marts are there to prove it.

Though, as a fangirl, one’s ultimate goal is to get noticed by their favorite Korean stars. Of course, being a Filipino celebrity is not an excuse…unless you’ve had intense connections to make it work, no? Anyway, in this article, let’s relive the ~feels~ and a bit of ~inggit~ when these lucky Pinays got noticed by their idols!

Pia Wurtzbach gets a shoutout from Super Junior’s Siwon during #SS7inManila

First of all, Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach is one proud ELF. The former titleholder is also open to proclaim that she was a Siwon bias. When the group visited Manila for their Super Show 7, Choi Siwon mentioned Pia and took a photo with her too! Totally a fangirl goal unlocked! The two also had a cute exchange when Siwon commented on Pia’s Instagram.

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A Happy Birthday greeting to Scarlett Kramer from iKON’s Bobby

Kramer’s youngest daughter, Scarlett, was an iKONIC, and for her 7th birthday, her video went viral when she invited iKON’s Bobby for her birthday. Her dad, Doug Kramer, also joked that he can’t afford Bobby even though he wanted Scarlett to be happy on her birthday. The video reached Bobby and gave Scarlett a birthday greeting instead!

Eventually, Scarlett’s wish was granted when iKON visited Manila for their Continue Tour.

Aside from their meet-up in 2018, the Kramer kids also had a video fan meeting moment when iKON visited Manila last 2019 for the Samsung Galaxy Launch.

When BIGBANG’s T.O.P replied to Glaiza De Castro

When we talk about BIGBANG, it’s always accompanied by their hits, Fantastic Baby and Bang Bang Bang. And then, there’s T.O.P, the group’s rapper and visual. T.O.P is undeniably one of the handsome idols out there, and actress Glaiza De Castro was a lucky VIP when she got a replied from the BIGBANG member!

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Glaiza De Castro was noticed by BIGBANG's T.O.P on Instagram! - Annyeong  Oppa

Anne Curtis meeting her ultimate oppa, Gong Yoo and EXO’s Sehun is a plus!

Anne Curtis is a loud Gong Yoo fan. She’s very vocal about how she loves the K-drama, Goblin. Her dream came true when she met Gong Yoo in a Louis Vuitton event in Korea! She’s lucky enough to bump into EXO’s Sehun as well! Anne also shared that it was a memorable event for her as she was already pregnant with her daughter, Dahlia, at that time.

Madam Jinkee Pacquiao flies to Korea to personally deliver a food truck support to Ji Chang Wook

Jinkee Pacquiao is a certified Ji Chang Wook fan. She once shared some photos when her family met up with the actor back in 2018.

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As a supportive fan though, she extended her support by ehem, personally delivering food truck support to the actor in South Korea! This happened when he is shooting the drama, Melting Me Softly.

Her husband, Manny Pacquiao even signed some boxing gloves for the actor, in which, Ji Chang Wook happily posted on his Instgram.

When Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan and Miel had a backstage chit-chat with NCT

Megastar Sharon Cuneta once danced to TWICE’s TT, but she’s also an NCTzen mom! Her daughter, Miel, adores NCT127 big time. Luckily, her mom is very supportive that she even accompanied her when the group visited Manila and got the opportunity to take some photos with the group.

Niana Guerrero gets a follow and a message from EXO’s Chanyeol

Back in 2019, Niana Guerrero made it to the following list of EXO’s Chanyeol. The Filipina dancer was the envy of all EXO-Ls at that time as being noticed by EXO’s rapper, is no easy feat!

In a vlog with her brother, Ranz Kyle, Niana also revealed that she messaged Chanyeol on Instagram. Another sana all moment, because Chanyeol replied to her!

Bonus: Hospital Playlist casts greeted Annyeong Oppa!

Of course we have an entry too, mga bes! Our favorite squad from Yulje Medical Center greeted the whole Annyeong Oppa community!

Dreams do come true! And I really hope that we can all get a chance to meet our favorite Korean stars at the right time.

Which of these encounter is your favorite mga bes?

Fighting bes!

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