5 Reasons Why We Should Go To Lee Jong-suk’s ‘Crank Up’ Fan Meeting in Manila

Fan meetings are the best way to personally get to know your favorite k-drama stars or k-pop idols. I’ve attended two fan meetings here in Manila (Kim Jae-joong and My Ultimate K-drama Oppa, Jung Hae-in). I can totally say that it feels like you’re getting closer to your idol in an intimate way.

On November 18, one of the most promising South Korean actor, Lee Jong-suk is coming to Manila for his first ever fan meeting.

Feeling Excited?^^

Here are the 5 reasons why we should go to his fan meeting and witness the much-awaited surprises that he prepared for us.

1. Fan Service at it’s finest.

Fan meetings are not the same without fan service from the celebrity himself/herself. So, we can expect a lot from him on November. Who knows, you might get a handshake or a hug from him. uwuuuu 😍

2. Witness his Special Talents Aside From Acting.

We all know that Lee Jong-suk is one of the most top-billed actors in South Korea. Aside from his acting skills, he can also sing and play the piano. He might perform it here just like he did in Bangkok and other countries where the fan meeting was held.

3. His Cuteness

Yes! I will consider this as a reason. Haha!

Who wouldn’t want to see this guy’s cute aegyo moments up close and personal? 😉

4. Meet New Friends during the Fan Meet

Solo flight? Let me tell you from my experience that this is not going to be a problem. Fangirls/Fanboys are the most outgoing people i’ve ever encountered. Trust me, aside from the wonderful experience, you will also gain some new friends from this event. ^^

5. Make an unforgettable memories with your ultimate Oppa.

To us Fangirls, this is the main reason why we attended those fan meetings that we’ve been to. We wanted to create some memories together with our favorite celebrities. We wanted to make them happy by going to their fan meetings. So, let’s make a beautiful memory with our Lee Jong-suk and be a part of this unforgettable event.

!!Ticketing Update!!

This special event is brought to us by Pulp Live World. Visit their website or follow their social media accounts for more updates.

See you on November 18, 2018!

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  1. Which ticket is worth it kaya? Photo Royalty or Fanatics? Im in torn between those two. Huhu.
    Please help me.

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