iKON performs during the Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch in the Philippines

Most Filipino K-POP fans knew about iKON coming to Manila for Samsung’s S10 Launching Party. The event only invited selected influentials and media partners along with Samsung executives, business partners and dealers. Samsung opened 50 slots for Samsung users to let iKONICs attend the exclusive event. They also did a raffle draw to non-Samsung users, allowing 10 additional winners to attend the launch party.

On February 26, iKON arrived in the country for the launching party set to happen during the night at Cove Manila. Annyeong Oppa was one of the few media partners invited to the said event.

The Launch

The event was hosted by the international TV/events host, Joey Mead King. During the launch, Samsung President Mr. James Jung was pleased to announce the new features that come with the new unit: a wide variety of screen size display, a more improved camera feature, and memory sizes up to 1.5 terabytes to name a few.

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Samsung Philippines’ President Mr. James Jung

They also revealed that they are now accepting pre-orders of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 that comes with freebies for a limited offer.

Meeting iKON

iKON began their performance with their top hit, ‘Love Scenario’ that made the iKONICs (inside and outside of the venue) happy. The popular Korean boy group is Samsung’s brand ambassador for the said campaign.

They expressed their gratefulness to the brand and to everyone present at the event. They also unveiled the new skin inspired by their member — Chanwoo to the game called Fortnite.

iKON’s Jinhwan, Bobby and Chanwoo

The interview went on and they were asked how was their day, and Jinhwan claimed to know few of Bisaya words:

Jinhwan showing off his Bisaya Words

iKON expressed how they are grateful for visiting the Philippines the second time since their first concert back in November 2018. Jinhwan also told the crowd that they like the Filipino dish, Sinigang.

iKON’s Donghyuk, Chanwoo, Jinhwan and B.I

The group also revealed that they will go back to the country for their second concert soon! Right after the interview, iKON continued their performance by performing ‘Killing Me’ and ended their set with ‘Bling Bling.’

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Jinhwan, June, Bobby, Chanwoo, B.I
Chanwoo and B.I

The formal event ended after iKON’s performance and an after-party for the guests present started.

If you missed iKON’s performance, you may watch it here. You can also view some of the photos taken during the event launch here.

We congratulate Samsung Philippines for the successful Galaxy S10 Launch Party, and thank you for believing in iKON and bringing them to the Philippines!

Ipon na mga bes na iKONICs! The boys will wait for you on their concert soon!

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