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My life as a fangirl

It’s every fan’s dream to meet their favorite actors and actresses. What if there are things that would stop you from doing that?

Hi everyone! I’m Gezzerree. One of the writers here in Annyeong Oppa. I would like to share my fangirl experience despite being a person with a disability.

I was diagnosed with Myotonic Dystrophy in 2017 and I thought my life stopped since then. MD is a long-term genetic disorder that affects muscle function. I have this ever since I was born but symptoms started in my early teens.

But enough with my health condition!

As a fan, I’ve always dreamed of meeting my favorite Korean actors and actresses. Ever since in my teens, I was fascinated by them and I loved Korean culture ever since. We’ve had plenty of concerts and fan meetings here in the Philippines but I’ve never gone to one because it’s kind of challenging to me.

Since I have a muscle condition, it’s pretty hard for me to function alone. I have to always have someone with me. It’s hard. Fan meets and concerts are crowded places and that’s not an environment for me since I could easily trip or fall. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I avoided going to events even though I really want to.

But last year, 2019, I finally took courage and attended my first fan meeting event! Little did I know, that’s the start of something new!

Let me share here with you the events I went to last year and why they are all special to me!

1. Seo Kang Joon in Manila

This was the first fan meeting I went to! I went with my High School best friend, Rhoxette, as we are both fans of Seo Kang Joon.

Before the event, I messaged CDM Entertainment and laid my situation to them. I told them how I needed assistance and they gladly offered help. True as their words, they helped me throughout the event.

The seat I got was at the farthest part of the venue. I’ve been having a hard time going up so they offered me a seat without many stairs. I was so thankful!

The entire fan meet was so fun! At the end of the program, we would have a chance to do a hi-touch with him. The organizers are so considerate and prioritized people like me. They said I will have the hi-touch after everyone was done. I got to stare at Seo Kang Joon for so long!

For our hi-touch, we did it at the first level of the venue (not on the stage). Imagine! He’s right there in front of me! I get to stare at his lovely brown eyes while thanking him!

It was a memorable encounter with one of my favorite actors. After the hi-touch, the staff assisted me again out to the door. I was thankful to everyone!

Images courtesy of CDM Entertainment

2. Lee Sung Kyung in Manila

This time, I went alone! Yes! I took the chance and did this on my own! Can you believe it?!

When I went to line up to the entrance, the staff of CDM recognized me and let me in, and of course, assisted me. I was looking for my seat and saw that there are again lots of stairs! Luckily, a staff fixed up a seat for me located on the first floor! (I don’t know what to do without these nice people!)

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It was a fun event as well! We are not allowed to take photos, which I love because I got to enjoy the fan meeting without worrying if I got pretty photos!

Same as before, they told me I would do the hi-touch at the end so I waited at my seat. When it was time for the hi-touch, my friend (who I met through this event) and a staff helped me stand up.

We are waiting for Lee Sung Kyung to finish her photo ops. I got to stare at her closely! She’s really beautiful!

Once she’s done, she went down to greet us! What happened next really surprised me!

We took a photo with Lee Sung Kyung!

Image courtesy of Likhang Larawan ni Rogine

The story here is this: the lady (Miss Zipporah de la Cruz) initially have photo op passes. As for me and my friend, Rica (beside me), we don’t. All three of us are waiting for Lee Sung Kyung. When she came to meet us, Miss Zipporah handed her drawing of Lee Sung Kyung. Then, they are about to take a photo and said we could join! I was starstruck! I didn’t think something like this could happen to me! I was so happy! Lee Sung Kyung is a very nice person! When she saw us, she had this very big smile on her face!

I never thought that the first fan meeting that I would go to ALONE will turn out like this!

Images courtesy of CDM Entertainment

3. Jung Hae In in Manila

This is one of the best fan meeting ever! I’ll tell you in a while!

This time, I went with my aunt and cousin, who are fans as well!

I couldn’t afford a VIP ticket, so I always buy the least expensive ticket. They all have hi-touch so it’s okay! Luckily, I got a seat that has fewer stairs!

This is the second time Jung Hae In had his fan meeting here. The first time, I didn’t go, because of the reasons I’ve stated in the beginning. As for the second time, I told myself I would not let this pass!

The entire event, I couldn’t believe that the person I watch on TV is right in front of my eyes. He really is young-looking and extremely handsome!

Same as before, I was told to wait at the end of the event to meet and have a hi-touch with Jung Hae In.

After he did all the hi-touch, he went down, meet me, and this happened:

I REALLY COULDN’T BELIEVE THIS! I was shaking the entire time! Jung Hae In approached me. We shook hands and he even offered to hug me! Who am I to say no?!

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Selfies are not allowed, but I just had to ask. He agreed, even with his staff being against this. This is proof that Jung Hae In is really nice to his fans! He does appreciate the people who love him! This made me like him more! He’s a great actor and a really nice person!

This has got to be my most favorite encounter with my favorite Korean actor. I don’t know what kind of encounter could ever top this, but this moment will forever stay in my heart!

Images courtesy of IVAN ROYCE

4. Park Hae Jin in Manila

My fourth fan meeting experience this year! Who would’ve thought I could attend all of these within a year?

I’m a big fan of Park Hae Jin! He’s a very talented actor and on this fan meeting event, I get to see his comedic side!

I came with my sister, Gerrica, and my friend, Rica. This time, there were no stairs needed to get to my seat! Our seat was so near to the stage!

The entire event, sunbae (as what I like to call him), entertained all of his fans! He’s so handsome from afar, what more if he’s right in front of me?!

If I remember correctly, photos are not allowed throughout the event. But they do give us a chance to take photos while he posed for us!

He even went down the stage and walk through the venue, greeting all of his fans! That’s such a precious moment!

Then, it’s time for the hi-touch. I asked assistance again and they said I would go first before everyone else. So, I walked to the stage (I have my cane with me so it really helped me). When Park Hae Jin saw me, he smiled at me and stared right at me. We hi-touched and I got to say my thanks to him. It was a short but memorable encounter with him! I can say he’s a very nice person even if I only get to see him for a while!

In this event, I also got to meet one of our AOG moderator, Rosalyn!

Images courtesy of Mountain Movement

5. Super Junior’s Super Show 8 in Manila

I’ve been an ELF ever since I was 14 years old! I definitely grew up listening to Super Junior and it has been my dream to see them perform live!

I’ve missed so many Super Show’s here in the Philippines and I told myself I will never miss another one. So, I finally attended the Super Show 8: Infinite Time in Manila.

This one is a special concert because this is their first world tour after their “militatus”! I was so lucky to witness this and of course, I’ve been waiting for my ultimate bias, Kyuhyun!

Being at my first ever Super Show is very nostalgic! Back in the day (now, I sound like an old lady!), I used to watch fancams of their concerts and I always tell myself that someday, I’ll be a part of it. So, being at this concert is truly a dream come true! I finally get to be a part of the legendary Sapphire Blue Sea!

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I went with my two sisters, Vanessa and Gerrica, and with my friend, Rica. Our seat was so far from the stage and there were a lot of stairs! Luckily, I have all the help that I need and I truly enjoyed this night!

They are truly the Kings of KPOP!

Images courtesy of Super Junior’s Official Facebook Page

6. First cup sleeve event

This is just a bonus, but this year, I went to my very first cup sleeve event to celebrate Kyuhyun’s birthday!

It was a fun experience to be at a place where I truly felt part of!

Here, I came with my sister, Gerrica, and met a fellow ELF, Alex.

I know there’ll be more events I will attend! I’m actually going to Running Man in Manila and Gary Live in Manila!

Aside from being able to attend Korean events, I finally went to South Korea in August of last year! It’s really a dream came true!

Despite it being hard to travel in my condition, I still get to enjoy my stay in Seoul and I will definitely go back!

Within a year, I get to do all the things that I kept myself from doing so. I’ve always been scared to show the world what I have and that stopped me from enjoying myself as a fangirl. I can definitely say that these experiences are totally #FangirlGoalsAchieved!

I’m sharing these not to brag, but I want to inspire people like me. I know how it feels to restrict yourself to achieve your happiness. I’ve been doing that for years and I FINALLY let myself go and let life happen. If I keep on saying no on these opportunities and missing out on events, I won’t be happy. I just woke up one day and learned to finally embrace my flaws and disease.

I consider myself really lucky! All the years I kept myself away from attending these events because I don’t want to be a handful to anyone. It is totally rewarding when I finally have these extraordinary experiences that are beyond my imagination. These are the kind of happenings I will truly keep in my heart forever!

Of course, all of these wouldn’t happen without the help of my family, friends, and the people I met in these events. They are all willing to help me despite it being hard. They support me because I choose to be happy! Also, I started with my physical therapy last year and I think that also helped a lot in boosting my confidence! So, a big thanks to all of my therapists!

Writing this down takes courage. Not many people around me know about my condition, but I am sharing this to inspire those who felt like they’ll be a burden if they choose to be happy and enjoy their lives as a fangirl/fanboy.

Every single fangirl/fanboy in the world deserves to be happy having the time of their lives without restrictions. And if you’re like me, let me tell you one thing: be brave and you can do it!

I hope I have inspired those who are in the same situation as me. It doesn’t make you less of a person just because you lack something. Look at me. I thought I won’t be able to experience all of these. But now, everything is beyond my imagination and I am thankful! In the end, the goal is to be happy!

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