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Sen. Manny Pacquiao Visits The Set of Melting Me Softly

Sen. Manny Pacquiao paid a visit on the set of Melting Me Softly and Ji Chang Wook’s Filipino fans can’t help but scream “Sana all!”

Ji Chang Wook shared on his Instagram account a photo with the Pambansang Kamao along with his co-stars, Kim Won Hae and Jeon Soo Kyung. Aside from the personal visit, the Boxing Legend gifted him also with an autographed pair of boxing gloves. To express his gratitude, Ji Chang Wook wrote, “Pacquiao came to visit the set of Melting Me Softly. Thank you!”.

(Photo grabbed from @jichangwook’s official IG)

On a separate post, he also thanked Jinkee Pacquiao, Manny’s wife and his certified fan, for sending food truck on the set of the drama.

(Screen captured from @jichangwook’s IG story)

“How to be like you po Senator Manny and Jinkee?” This is what my fangirling heart can only say. Two legends in one picture. Definitely post worthy.

Meanwhile, Melting Me Softly is about to air its last few episodes. Now that Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran start to develop feelings for each other, how will their love story end? In coldness or in warmth? Kapit lang tayo mga Bes!

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