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Get to know actor Yoon Si Yoon

Written by Rosalyn Cristobal

We cannot deny the fact that Yoon Si Yoon is one of the established Actors of his generation today. With his solid foundation and experience in acting, there is no doubt that he is one of the true gems in the industry. 

Let’s get to know more about him through this article. Are you ready bes?

1. His real name is Yoon Donggu

  • Did you know that his real name was Yoon Donggu? A name he used until highschool and later on decided to change it officially upon his entry to college. 

2. He is an Only Child

  • Yoon Si Yoon was born in a small town in Suncheon, South Korea, and is the only child of the family, and was raised by his Grandparents.
Image courtesy: Moa Entertainment 

3. He loves books!

  • Yes! You read it right. This man right here is a book lover! Did you know that he has over 3,500 collections of books alone at his home? This also explains why he is so intelligent and smart! Are you a book lover like him, bes? 
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4. He’s into Photography

  • Click! Click! Let’s admit it. We always find it so charismatic when a man is into Photography right? Yoon Si Yoon’s hobby is taking pictures! He even buys books about photography just to master his skills. He loves photography so much that every time he shoots a drama he always has his camera with him. It is said that in between his break during filming is that he always find time to capture beautiful sceneries into his camera. Let’s see some of his works!
Screen captures from 2D1N S3

In his recent Q&A event that is done on Instagram. A fan asked him, Since when did he take interest in photography. Yoon Si Yoon then answered

“It’s when I came back from voluntary service in Africa. It all started when I took photos of my Grandmother and Grandfather and now I’m in love with it!” 

5. He is known as the ‘King of Dual roles’ 

  • We can say that Yoon Si Yoon’s versatility is no joke. Here are the dramas where he takes dual roles:
  • Your Honor (2018) 
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Han Kang-Ho/Han Soo-Ho
  • The Nokdu Flower (2019)
Baek Yi-Hyun/The Ogre/Oni
Seo Dowon A/Seo Dowon B

It’s safe to say that Yoon Si Yoon always immerses himself in every character that he portrays. The way he always does an exceptional job at owning all of them proves that he is not just an actor with a pretty face but also an actor who is passionate about his job. 

Photo Courtesy: OCN 

6. Military Service

  • On April 28, 2014, Yoon secretly enlisted into the Republic of Korea Marine Corps. Yoon had previously expressed his desire to enlist secretly, to avoid harming other soldiers. On January 27, 2016, Yoon completed his military service.

7. Special Song For his Fans

  • In 2018, Yoon Si Yoon released 3 special songs titled “You are just a Spring” “Downhill” and “I will tell you” That is made especially for his fans.

You are just a Spring is a folk-style song that harmonizes well with Yoon Si Yoon’s sweet voice, who calmly sings memories with a loved one based on a soft acoustic performance. 

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I will tell you is a letter written by Yoon Si Yoon himself thinking about his childhood. The song is especially more meaningful because Yoon Si Yoon was the one who wrote the lyrics for it. 

Downhill is an old-school rock song with a fast tempo. Just like the song I will tell you Yoon Si Yoon also wrote the lyrics himself for Downhill. Lyrically, The song describes striving for one’s aim despite all Hardships. 

There’s a lot of things to love about our precious Actor Yoon Si Yoon. But we hope that this information about him made you smile and that it helps you to know more about him. Among all of them what captures you the most, bes? ^_^ 

Lets continue to support him and hope to see more of his spectacular performance in the future!

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