6 Celebrities Who Look Like Yang Se Jong

Yang Se Jong, popularly starred in Duel, Romantic Doctor and now Temperature of Love seems to trick us with his awesome facial features. It seems like he is a face bender. 

Thus being said, I listed 6 celebrities who has a lot of resemblance to the actor.

1. Kim Seok Jin of BTS.  


2. Actor Lee Min Ho


3.  Infinite’s Kim Myung Soo


4. CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk


5. Actor Go Kyung Pyo


6. And  of course.. Actor Yoon Si Yoon 


Jusko bes biglang nag duel yung feels ko.

Written By: Annyeong Oppa (Anj)


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11 replies

  1. para nga xang c Tak Gu (Yoon Si Yoon) ., dami nya kamukha pero in all fairness bes , pogi .. hihihih 🙂


  2. Since the first time i saw him.. i always think that his face is the perfect combination between Go gyung pyo and Yoon si yoon 😅😅😅😅


  3. I think he kind of looks like Yang Hongseok of Pentagon. They also both conveniently have the last name Yang.

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  4. When I was watching KDrama the Romantic Doctor Kim, before I saw the cast list I kept going back and forth wether he was Minhyuk from CNBlue and Onew from SHINee


  5. Add SHINee’s Onew to the list too, ate Anj!


  6. Yang Se Jong looks exactly like SHINee’s ONEW can anyone see this???


  7. Si jong ki pwede hawig din niya pag nag-smile


  8. yeah yang se jong each expression show different person and all listed look a like ! sometime i saw jin at some point yoon siyoon then kang minhyuk and go kyng pyo hihihih


  9. He looks like Jeon Hojoon ToppDogg (XENO-T) too


  10. Kala ko ako lang nakapansin kay Yoon Si Yoon at Seokjin.


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