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7 Reasons why we need to explore the parallel worlds in OCN’s “Train”

Orion Cinema Network (OCN), the South Korea’s entertainment network known to produce mind-blowing mystery dramas is serving us another masterpiece to delve into.

This kind of dramas are giving us the work and the chance to use our inner detective self as our curiosity bound to give us the thrill and the chills, questioning who would the real culprit be?

In this 2020 OCN’s mystery drama titled Train, it will take us not just in the world where we used to live and attached, but also in the other world where our other selves lived and may be living a little different from ours, making unlikely decisions.

Moreover, this drama starring Yoon Si Yoon and Kyung Soo Jin, centers on the serial killings in which the two worlds involved through the passage of an old train.

Do you want to know the reasons why Train is one of the must-watch mystery Korean dramas? Check it out below!

1. Nerve-racking storyline

Train is really a drama full of plot twist! You will be amazed at the storyline because you wouldn’t definitely know what will happen next between the two worlds.

You cannot predict it and will leave bewildered each episode trying to figure out the possibilities and the end of this quest. And because of that, we will have so many questions in our minds that will result to activate our inner detective self.

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Aside from that, this 2020 we are more open to the possibility of a parallel universe, mirroring the universe we currently lived in. Imagine solving mysteries between the two worlds? This deserves a catch!

2. Breathtaking Cinematography

Through the angles and motions of the camera, the scenes are giving us the thrilling vibes!

We need to observe every detail because they are also plotting some clues on which is which, this may help our own little investigation identifying the real culprit.

3. Romance-mystery under OCN

It may focus on solving the serial killings, but it also involves the love of the family, friends, and towards someone you dearly hold on. What will you do if the one you earnestly love died and you find her/his other self in the other world?

These two genres are perfectly suited for the drama with a bit of suspense. Moreover, it did not eat up the main focus which is the mysterious vibe. OCN never fails to make us feel this kind of intensity.

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4. Lessons and open up possibilities

Train is giving us a lot of lessons to learn and reflect, as well as the possibilities of the things that surround us.

The drama will teach us not to be afraid both in exploring things and expressing our true feelings. We really don’t know what the future looks like, even what will happen tomorrow and the day after that.

5. Yoon Si Yoon and Kyung Soo Jin’s chemistry

Yoon Si Yoon playing the character of Inspector Seo Do Woon and Kyung Soo Jin as Prosecutor and Inspector Han Seo Kyung did have an undeniable chemistry!

These two will make us fall in love and hurt us at the same time! We need to be ready and brace ourselves on the millions possibility in the possible ending of this drama.

6. Casts portray two roles

A big applause and appreciation to the casts! They amazingly portrayed two roles for the world A and B giving us the distinction of their characters.

Yoon Si Yoon’s portrayal of two characters having a different vibe is really superb! The way he acted as the Seo Do Woon in the world A is very different from the Seo Do Woon in the world B. His looks, the way he stares and his eyes speak, and the way he moves are very commendable.

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Also, Kyung Soo Jin, Shin So Yul, Lee Hang Na, and the other casts did an amazing portrayal both in two worlds. Their acting skills will make you love the drama more.

7. 12 episodes only

Yes, you read it right! Train has 12 episodes only with one hour and ten minutes more each. You will finish this drama maybe in just a day or two.

But, this is also saddening knowing that this masterpiece only has a few episodes and makes us wanting for more. It is definitely one of the bitin Korean dramas.

As of this writing, OCN’s Train is still ongoing and it airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm KST. It premiered last July 11 and set to end on August 16, 2020.

Watch the Train‘s trailer below:

Photo courtesy of OCN
Featured photo grabbed on dramabeans

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