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6 Hit Songs by Lee Seung Gi that You can Listen Into!

Lee Seung Gi is truly an epitome of an all-around entertainer!

The actor and variety personality initially debuted as a singer. Lee Seung Gi has serenaded a lot of fans with his rock-ballad voice and amazing songs. Now dubbed as an all-around entertainer, we cannot deny that there is nothing Seung Gi can’t do!

To know more about some of his hit songs, continue reading this article!

Lee Seung Gi’s singing career

The actor was scouted, trained, and signed by singer-songwriter, Lee Sun Hee under Hook Entertainment. Seung Gi trained for two years between 2001-2003 before debuting as a solo singer at the age of 17 in 2004. His songs were undeniably ear-catching and together with his good looks, it’s pretty clear that singer Seung Gi is on his way to fame.

Lee Seung Gi Singing
From Lee Seung Gi’s Instagram

Upon his debut, Seung Gi won the Best New Male Artist in several music awards sealing his status in the music industry. Now, let’s start this music sound trip with some of Seung Gi’s great hits.

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2004 – Because You’re My Girl

Because You’re My Girl is Lee Seung Gi’s debut single. This song is a complete success as it garnered Seung Gi numerous New Male Singer awards. The lyrics tell a story of a guy who likes a girl who’s older than him. It also began a noona craze in Korea at that time.

2006 – Words that Are Hard to Say

Two years after his debut, Seung Gi continued to steal hearts from female fans. Words that Are Hard to Say is gained popularity due to its relatable lyrics for couples. This song rewarded Seung Gi with a Bonsang award and Best Ballad performance.

2007 – White Lie

In 2007, Seung Gi once again returns with the melancholic single, White Lie. The song is once again, a complete success earning him a Best Male Artist award.

2010 – Losing My Mind

This upbeat track might be one of Seung Gi’s most popular songs. Losing My Mind is one of the original soundtracks for his series, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho with Shin Min Ah.

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2013 – Return

Lee Seung Gi released Return in 2013. The song was well-received that he won the Singer of the Year award! One thing about this music video, it features a young Kim Yoo Jung!

2020 – The Ordinary Man

Seung Gi’s latest album, The Project, succeeds after his last album, And… released in 2015. He went on hiatus between 2016-2017 to fulfill his military service. His latest release, The Ordinary Man, is a perfect returning gift for his fans.

Bonus clip: In Lee Min Ho’s personal vlog, he guested Seung Gi on one of his episodes. To everyone’s surprise, the two actors sang Aloha by Cool!

Did his voice stole your heart too? When he visited Manila last 2019, we were so lucky to listen to some of his songs!

We hope to listen to more of his songs in the future~!

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