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5 Reasons why you should support Doh Kyungsoo’s debut as a soloist

Written by: Cecille Fabie

Doh Kyungsoo, prominently known as D.O. is one of the most-revered idol-actors who rose into stardom with his outstanding portrayal of his notable works including, It’s Okay, That’s Love, My Annoying Brother, Pure Love, 100 Days My Prince, Along with the Gods, Swing Kids and more.

He is said to be one of the idols that broke the prejudice against idols venturing into the acting industry. Kyungsoo even bagged the Best New Actor award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards — the only singer in the third generation to do so.

He is also dubbed to be this generation’s leader for the film industry as he was chosen to be part of the
a campaign named “THE ACTOR IS PRESENT”, which introduces 200 actors representing the present and future of Korean films to the global landscape.

Although much has been said about how his filmography proved a bright future for this actor, many of
you may not be familiar that he is in fact one of EXO’s main vocalists, a full-package idol you shouldn’t
be sleeping on!

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The great news is, he will be debuting as a soloist this coming July 26 and we are giving
you 5 reasons why you should support his upcoming endeavor!

1. He puts the flavor in EXO songs.

He is the umami in your favorite ulam. He is the cheese in your spaghetti. The pearl in your milk
tea. The sawsawan of your lumpia. The calamansi in a sisig. In short, he makes everything sound
better just by his adlibs and heavenly runs. Who knew that his simple “yeah yeah yeah” could
make so much difference?

2. His voice is full of emotion

It is an inside joke among EXOLs that Kyungsoo sings as if he is going through a divorce and that
is because his voice is full of emotions. His voice will hit you every time he’s singing. Kyungsoo is
the type of singer that won’t let you ever forget the calmness, happiness, and healing you felt
through his voice.

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3. His voice is super comforting

His vocals is definitely really comforting and relaxing and “That’s Okay,” his SM station, can
attest to that. Countless numbers of singers, including IU have praised D.O. for this. You can definitely listen to him sing all night long and never get tired of it. Imagine a full album of that? Heaven!

4. He can sing any genre

EXOLs can absolutely tell that Kyungsoo is born for RNB but that does not mean he is not good
with other genres. In fact, we bet our lives that regardless of the type of music he pursues, it will
be iconic. That’s how top-tier he is as a singer. No wonder he is widely popular due to his agility
and tone.

5. He needs your support more than ever.

Sadly, EXOLs feel like he is more known as an actor than a singer because to be frank, he did not
have as much opportunity to showcase why he is one of the best vocalists of K-pop outside
EXO’s songs.

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But the long wait is over because K-pop gods have heard our prayers and we are finally having 8
songs to add to his discography. He is worth your support and you will know why once his album
comes out.

Speaking of which, you can pre-order the album by clicking here. To know more about his solo, you can also visit this site made by his fans named D.O SOLO 2021.

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