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5 Reasons why you need to watch out for OCN’s upcoming drama “Train”

Written by Rosalyn Cristobal

With all the upcoming dramas this year, let me give you reasons why you need to watch out for Train and why you need to add this on your watchlist.

Courtesy of OCN Instagram account @ocn_original

The OCN drama Train described as a “parallel universe mystery drama,” Train is a sci-fi thriller about a single choice made on the night of a murder that splits the world into two alternate universes.

Yoon Shi Yoon stars as Seo Do Won, a police officer on the path of atonement for his father’s crimes in universe “A” and a police officer who has chosen the path of corruption in universe “B.”

1. It’s under OCN

We all know that OCN produces such great quality dramas especially when the genre is mystery, thriller, and sci-fi. As many say, these genre are their earea of expertise.

OCN always gives us the satisfaction every time they release a new drama; and they never disappoints their viewers. This is a great reason to watch out for Train.

2. The preview teasers

Have you watched the intense teasers of Train? If you haven’t watch it yet, visit OCN’s official YouTube channel.

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3. Yoon Si Yoon is the lead actor

Any Yoon Si Yoon stan here? You should add this to your watchlist!

Courtesy of OCN: Yoon Si Yoon Still Photo for Train

We all know that Yoon Si Yoon is one of the best and lovable actors out there. He starred in various dramas such as The Best Hit, Psychopath Diary, Your Honor, Nokdu Flower, Mirror of the Witch, and many more. Including, of course, who would’ve forget about it, he is no other than, Our King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu!

We all know how great his acting skill is. He always gives justice to every character he portrays! Watch out for Train because for sure Yoon Si Yoon will do a very great job here.

4. The chemistry

Okay, first of all, we know this is a mystery drama so, we should not have high hopes for a romance BUT even though Train is not yet airing, the lead actor and actress are already screaming chemistry. Here are some photos of them together!

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5. The storyline

Parallel universe is in trend nowadays in other K-dramas but this piece is not your typical “parallel universe” theme. This drama will surely cause us major headaches and be ready to be a detective or an investigator because for sure we will feel like we are also in this drama.

Additionally, with all the parallel universe drama right now, Train will not be like any other dramas, it will surely be not your typical parallel universe drama. So, y’all should watch out for it!

Courtesy of OCN Instagram account @ocn_original

Train will officially premiere on July 11, 2020 under OCN every Saturday & Sunday, 10:30 PM KST.

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