8 reasons why we should be excited for Hospital Playlist season 2

After almost a year, Hospital Playlist season 2 is finally coming tonight!

We’ve been waiting for so long and the excitement is real! So, before we watch season 2 tonight, here are 8 reasons why we should look forward to Hospital Playlist season 2!

  1. Their improved band skills

It’s not a secret that the cast actually played the instruments themselves for their band performances. The casts shared that they have improved a lot for the second season.

Yoo Yeon Seok also shared that during the first season, there were some songs that would take them three months to learn but for the second season, there were songs that they would practice for just a week.

2. The new OST

The first season graced us with plenty of beautiful songs and for sure the second season will be the same!

Are you excited to know which songs they are going to sing? Who are the singers that will take part in the OST? Those are the things we should watch out for!

Meanwhile, listen to the OST of the first season while waiting for episode 1 later!

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3. The chemistry of the characters

The chemistry of each character felt so natural and real because the casts grew closer together!

Since they became even more closer, we expect their natural chemistry in every episodes.

Jeon Mi Do share that when they couldn’t meet with each other, they made sure that they would talk online via chat rooms and video calls.

The friendship of the Hospital Playlist cast is really beautiful!

4. Unexpected cameos

During the first season, we saw a lot of familiar faces. Most actors who appeared on Director Shin Won Ho’s previous dramas did cameos for the first season. They played the roles of hospital patients, acquaintances of the main cast, and other roles.

The first season was filled with so many cameos from different actors and actresses and we are looking forward to more for the second season.

Actors Lee Kyu Hyung and Park Ji Yeon are reported to make cameo appearances for season 2 so we should watch out for that!

5. More heartfelt stories

Truth be told, Hospital Playlist is known for its heartwarming stories which touched the viewers’ hearts every single time.

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Jeon Mi Do said that viewers can look forward to more heartfelt stories of the patients and Director Shin Won Ho shared that they wanted to deepen the emotion that they established in the first season.

Make sure to have your tissues with you when you watch every Thursday!

6. Relationships of the characters

Season 1 was a cliffhanger and I’m sure we can finally get answers as to what happened to the romantic relationships of the characters.

What happened to Ik Sun and Jun Wan? What happened to Min Ha’s confession to Seok Hyung? What happened after that kiss between Jeong Won and Gyeo Ul? Are Ik Jun and Song Hwa finally taking the next step? And our cute little couple Uju and Mo Ne? There is so much to look forward to for the second season!

7. New and familiar characters

Hospital Playlist is composed of an ensemble cast that we may or may not have seen before. We will see characters from the previous season still appearing in the second season. Aside from the main cast, we are looking forward to seeing the doctors and nurses of Yulje Medical Center. Will we see them all again for season 2? Are the Jang twins done for their internship? Also, any Uju-holics here? Season 2 will be super exciting!

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We will also see new characters related to our main casts. Of course, the individual patients that we will meet in the series are also one thing we should look forward to!

8. More food trips

During the first season, we saw the characters doing food trips in every scene which made us so hungry at night!

In the second season, we are expecting that there will be more yummy foods showed in each scene! Be it something grand or just ramyeon shared between our favorite doctors during their band practices!

Are you excited for season 2? Make sure to catch Hospital Playlist season 2 tonight at 10 PM PHT!

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