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Shin Min Ah, Kim Seon Ho, Lee Sang Yi and other cast members attend script reading for “Seashore Village ChaChaCha”

Who’s excited for Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho’s pairing mga bes?

On June 14, tvN released a behind the scene photos of 1st script reading of the upcoming rom-com drama Seashore Village ChaChaCha.

Director Yoo Je Won and writer Shin Ha Eun, together with the cast members Shin Min Ah, Kim Seon Ho, Lee Sang, Gong Min Jeong, Kim Young Ok, Jo Han Cheol, In Gyo Jin, Lee Bong Ryun, Cha Cheong Hwa, Lee Yong I, Shin Shin Ae, Kang Hyeong Seok, and child actors were all attended the said script reading.

Shin Min Ah plays the role of Yoon Hye Jin, the beautiful and intelligent Dentist. She shows off her charm by being bold and lovely at the same time.

While Kim Seon Ho plays the role of Hong Dong Shik who is also known as “Mr. Hong” in their village. He is smart and kind-hearted person who is willing to help others in times of need.

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In spite of the first ever pairing together, Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho shows off a great chemistry at their script reading.

On the other hand, Lee Sang Yi excellently showed his great acting skill as PD Ji Sung Hyeon.

Moreover, All cast members who attended the first script reading were completely immersed in their respective roles and did they part impressively.

Upcoming tvN’s Romantic Comedy Series Seashore Village ChaChaCha is scheduled to premiere in the second half of this year.

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