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Hospital Playlist Season 2 is Set to Comeback with More Stories this June 17!

We are getting closer to meet our favorite set of medical doctors from Hospital Playlist Season 2! The beloved slice-of-life Netflix series is coming back to continue the several cliffhangers left in the first season.

The five doctors from Yulje Medical Center are bound to return to their duty saving lives and teaching aspiring medical students. Viewers who’ve watched the drama from its first season can definitely look forward to the return of the doctors!

There’s Lee Ik Jun (portrayed by Cho Jung Seok), a hepatologist who’s goofy, caring, and a dedicated father to Lee Uju. Then, we will meet Ahn Jeong Won (portrayed by Yoo Yeon Seok), a pediatrician who’s not a fan of material things. Don’t forget the girl boss, neurosurgeon, Chae Seong Hwa (portrayed by Jeon Mi Do), a lover of camping!

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Casts (L-R) Kim Dae Myung, Yoo Yeon Seok, Cho Jung Seok, Jeon Mi Do, and Jung Kyung Ho | Photo from Netlifx.

Also, here’s the cardiopathic surgeon, Kim Jun Wan ( portrayed by Jung Kyung Ho) slowly opening up his cold personality. Lastly, our soft obstetrician-gynecologist, Yang Seok Hyeong (portrayed by Kim Dae Myung), loves spending time alone.

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Of course, the upcoming series will surely treat its viewers with more heartwarming and funny stories centered around them and their patients. Moreover, there are more bickering, jamming sessions, food trips, and new playlist to anticipate!

Save your dates, mga bes! It will be available on Netflix every Thursday starting June 17 at 10 PM PHT. While waiting, maybe it’s a perfect time to rewatch the first season? You can watch it here.

You can watch the season 2 trailer here:

Featured Image from Youtube.

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