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14 Hospital Playlist OST you should listen on repeat now

A drama isn’t complete without OSTs. Thankfully, Hospital Playlist features the best line-up of official soundtracks.

The songs are nostalgic and something you will want to listen to all day long. These songs will definitely make you feel good after a tiring day.

Aside from having a perfect soundtrack, the characters also perform the songs as a band as seen in each episode.

Below are the 14 OST of tvN’s Hospital Playlist:

1. Lonely Night (studio and drama version)

2. Introduce Me A Good Person

3. Aloha (studio and drama version)

4. Confession Is Not Flashy (studio and drama version)

5. Beautiful My Love

6. In Front Of City Hall At The Subway Station (studio and drama version)

7. You Always (studio and drama version)

8. With My Tears (studio and drama version)

9. The Wind Is Blowing

10. Beyond The Rainbow Forest

11. Oh! What a Shiny Night (drama version)

12. While Living Life

13. I Knew I Love

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14. Me to You, You to Me

And as a bonus, here is a compilation of all the performances by our favorite doctor band!

This video includes their awesome version of Canon!

You can also listen to the entire Hospital Playlist OST in this video:

Which of these songs is your favorite?

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