Lee Sang-Yoon and Honey Lee to star in SBS’ comedy series ‘One the Woman’!

SBS finally confirmed on June 18 the final casts for the comedy series, One the Woman.

It will star Lee Honey, Lee Sang-Yoon Jin, Seo-Yeon, and Lee Won-Geun.

Honey Lee will be playing both female lead characters, Jo Yeon-Joo and Kang Mi-Na. The story revolves around two women who exactly look-alike, whose lives suddenly switched.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang-Yoon will be playing the role of Han Seung-Woo, Kang Mi Na’s husband who is a 3rd generation chaebol son.

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Apart from this powerful duo, Jin Seo-Yeon will also join the cast and will play the role of Han Seong-Hye, the eldest daughter of the Hanju Group and Kang Mi-na’s sister-in-law.

Finally, Lee Won-Geun will appear as Jo Yeon-Joo and Ahn Yu-Jun. This will be his comeback series for three years after completing his mandatory police service in January.

SBS’ new series ‘One the Woman’, will be broadcasted in the second half of 2021 and will be directed by Choi Young-hoon, written by Kim Yoon, and produced by Gil Pictures.

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Are guys ready for this series?

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