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BTOB officially releases Cinema Version of their 2018 track “Blue Moon”!

Our vocal kings and healing idols are back once again with a new version of their song! 

After their beautiful rendition of the 2018 track “Blue Moon” on Kingdom: Legendary War, BTOB officially gives us a cinema version of the song on June 13.

Blue Moon is part of their This Is Us album that was released in June 2018. The song is composed by BTOB member, Lee Minhyuk, with Aftershok and joseph k. Lyrics were written by Jung Ilhoon, Kuk Hyung Yun, Peniel, Yang Seung Wook, and Huta (Minhyuk).

The new version is performed by Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, and Peniel. It has a more jazzy, sexy, and mature vibe accompanied by their top-notch and flawless vocals with a powerful rap line. 

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Photo from BTOB’s Twitter account

After the release, BTOB’s Blue Moon and other group songs trended immediately on Melon’s real-time search. It also debuted #1 on Bugs and #24 on Genie.

During their stint on Kingdom: Legendary War, they gained so much attention as they always delivered a powerful performance that amazed other participants and viewers. 

Moreover, Minhyuk also teased the fans on the group’s Youtube account that BTOB might be preparing for a comeback. BTOB4U unit released their first album last November 2020 with the title track, Show Your Love.

So Melody (BTOB’s fandom name), you better get your hearts and wallets ready, cause who knows, they might drop anytime soon!

Have you already watched their awesome Blue Moon performance, if not yet, you may click the link below. 

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