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Get to know the 4th Generation’s Hot Icon, ENHYPEN!

Through the years we have already witnessed such talented K-Pop groups from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and now we’re already down in the era of 4th generation groups dominating the K-pop music industry. One of them is ENHYPEN, known as the 4th Generation’s HOT ICON. Are you a new fan? Then, you’re on the right page. Let me introduce them to you!


Enhypen is composed of seven members namely Jungwon, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Ni-Ki, Heeseung, Jay, and Jake. They came from the survival reality show titled “I-LAND”, organized by BeLift Lab. They debuted on November 30, 2020, with the extended play (EP) Border: Day One and “Given-Taken” as their debut song.

Image source: @BELIFTLAB

The Members

Lee Heesung | Image Source: @BELIFTLAB

Lee Heeseung, bearing the name of Heeseung, is one of the members of ENHYPEN. Heeseung was born on October 15, 2001, and was the older member of Enhypen. Fun fact: Heeseung was closed to TXT members because he used to train with them! Heeseung was also great in terms of songwriting and composing songs.

Jay Park | Image Source: @BELIFTLAB

Jay Park, popularly known as Jay, is one of the members of ENHYPEN. He was born on April 20, 2002, and was born in Seattle, Washington, USA, and later moved to Korea when he was 9 years old. Jay loves cooking so much that he dreams of becoming a chef.

Jake Sim | Image Source: @BELIFTLAB

Jake Sim with the stage name Jake is one of the members of ENHYPEN. He was born on November 15, 2002. Jake was a trainee for a short period of time but despite having a short trainee period, he debuted with Enhypen and even ranked 3rd at the last episode of I-Land having 1,179, 633 votes.

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Park Sung Hoon | Image Source: @BELIFTLAB

Park Sung Hoon, popularly known as Sunghoon, is one of the members of ENHYPEN. Sunghoon was born on December 8, 2002. Before he debuts with ENHYPEN, Sunghoon was once a figure skater and he is a two-time national junior silver medalist where he represents Korea to compete in international competitions.

Kim Sun Woo | Image Source: @BELIFTLAB

Kim Sun Woo, known as Sunoo, was born on June 24, 2003. He was the producer’s choice to debut in I-Land’s last episode.

Yang Jungwon | Image Source: @BELIFTLAB

Yang Jungwon with the stage name Jungwon is the leader of ENHYPEN. He was born on February 9, 2004. Jungwon ranked #1 in the last episode of I-Land having 1,417, 620 votes. Jungwon was a former trainee of SM Entertainment and was used to do taekwondo for seven years.

Nishimura Riki | Image Source: @BELIFTLAB

Nishimura Riki is bearing the stage name Ni-Ki. He was born on December 9, 2005, and was the youngest member of the group. Ni-Ki was once a backup dancer for SHINee in 2016-2017.

Meaning Behind ENHYPEN

The group’s name was derived from the symbol hyphen (-) which means “Connection, Discovery, and Growth” as to how a hyphen connects different words to discover a whole new meaning. ENHYPEN’s goal is to “To come together, to connect and grow together to create a new act.” Let’s grow together with ENHYPEN!

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Fandom Name

Enhypen’s fandom name is called “Engene”, which was officially announced by the group on October 9, 2020. The word “Engene” comes with two different meanings. The first one is just like an “Engine” their fans are their reason to function, to grow, and to keep going. The second one is the fans are Enhypen’s “Gene” as Enhypen shares the same DNA to connect, discover, and grow together.

And one thing that you can really be proud of as an Enhypen stan is the fact that Enhypen already bagged numerous awards. Knowing that these boys are a rookie group yet they’re out here casually bagging trophies!

Here is the list of awards that they’ve won:

  • The Fact Music Award (TMA 2020) – ENHYPEN Next Leader Award
  • Golden Disk Award 2021 – Rookie Artist Of The Year
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards 2021 – Rookie Artist Of The Year
  • Seoul Music Awards 2021 – Rookie Artist Of The Year
  • The Show : Drunk Dazed
  • Show Champion : Drunk Dazed
  • Music Bank : Drunk Dazed
  • TTA Best Global Artist
  • TTA Philippines
  • The Fact Music Award (TMA 2021) – ENHYPEN Artist Of The Year Award

Not just that but their achievements will be blown you away as well!!

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• Fastest rookie group of 2020 to surpass 1M likes for a debut MV (3 hours & 20 mins)

• Debuted #1 on Hanteo’s Daily Chart with 229, 991 copies sold.

• Debuted at #3 on Worldwide iTunes Album Chart

• Debuted at #6 on Worldwide iTunes Song Chart

• Given Taken became the most shazamed debut song in the first 24 hours with 8,712 shazams.

• “BORDER: DAY ONE” sold a total of 280, 874 album copies making it the best selling album for a 2020 rookie group on its first week of release.

• Debuted #18 in Billboard 200 and #18 in Billboard Artist 100

• Fastest Kpop group to reach 4M monthly listeners on Spotify

• ENHYPEN becomes the first and only K-pop boy group in history to exceed more than 200,000 copies for a Japanese debut single album on Oricon.

And many more! Imagine, a 10-month group did all of these? Yes, it’s ENHYPEN everyone!

Without a doubt, ENHYPEN has already established their name with their passion and the way they worked hard for everything that they have and wanted to achieve. Proud is really an understatement. They deserve all of these! Let’s keep on supporting, Enhypen!

Meanwhile, Enhypen is already preparing for their upcoming comeback this October 12, 2021. Have you all seen their concept photos and films? Who’s excited?


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