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Here’s what to expect from BTOB on Mnet’s upcoming show “Kingdom”

Written by: Cathleen Vila of BTOB PH

After the special live stream last February 23, Kpop fans are totally excited to watch the first episode of Mnet’s new show, Kingdom: Legendary War, which will premiere on April 1.

Image Source: CUBE Entertainment

BTOB, as one of the participants, is expected to show smooth yet sophisticated stages as a 9-year old group. Given that all the members have powerful voices and undeniable stage presence, the audience can look forward to one-of-a-kind performances.

Whether you are a true-blue Melody or you are still discovering BTOB, here is a list of things to watch out for:

1. Flawless Vocals

BTOB is known to be one of the strongest vocalists in the Kpop industry. Their harmony and vocal prowess gave them a reputation as the group with 7 vocals and 7 rappers.

BTOB’s singing ability is recognized over the years as they received numerous awards such as the best vocal group in the Golden Disc Awards and the ballad award in the Seoul Music Awards among many others.

Korean pop (Kpop) fans must watch out for their live singing on their Kingdom stages.

Check out a compilation of some of their best vocal stages here:

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2. Powerful Rap

BTOB being a ballad group doesn’t mean that their rap line is weaker. In fact, BTOB’s rappers have diverse rap techniques which give more color to their performances. They can do raps that blend well with their signature ballad sound but they can also spit fire with powerful rap performances. 

Probably the most popular among fans is the rap part of their I’ll Be Your Man stages. With the rapline taking turns and the vocal line blending in, you might just get goosebumps.

3. Special Acrobatics

 Since BTOB rose to fame as a ballad group, many people assume that they can’t dance. But Kpop fans would be surprised to know that the members were trained to do acrobatics and can pull off various dance styles. 

With Road to Kingdom being known for stages filled with breathtaking feats, will the same trend happen in Kingdom: Legendary War? Will Minhyuk, the group’s legendary sports-dol who has won several gold medals and even broken records in ISAC, attempt to do stunts for BTOB’s stages? We can only wait.

In the meantime, watch this throwback video of BTOB with skillful dance synchronization and acrobatics:

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4. Riveting Stage Presence

Debuted on March 2012, BTOB will celebrate their 9th anniversary this year. They developed unrivaled stage presence that comes from years of performing.

Moreover, BTOB knows how to connect and have fun with the audience. Music festivals usually feel like a BTOB concert where the whole auditorium sing along to their songs like this video at the 3:17 mark.

5.  Self-produced/ Self-arranged Songs

It’s no secret that BTOB produces their own music from sentimental songs like Missing You and Beautiful Pain to upbeat ones like Movie and Only One For Me. Most of the members can compose songs and lyrics but with a few of the members in the military, will fans be able to see Producer Minhyuk at work?

Let’s anticipate the behind-the-scenes footage during Kingdom and we might just be lucky to see it. Meanwhile, get a glimpse of how BTOB records their songs in this Beatcom episode.

6. Diverse Stages

BTOB is a box of assorted flavored candies. You can never guess what you’ll get next. The BTOB members are not limited to one genre. They already brought an orchestra in one of their stages. They even did a full cosplay and even sexy stages.

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As Eunkwang and Changsub join various musical plays, should we expect an opera performance or will they surprise us with a trot number? One never knows with BTOB. In the meantime, check out these videos and enjoy BTOB’s various colors.

7. Top-tier Variety

BTOB’s strong variety sense earned them the beagle-dol reputation. Their knack for making not just the audience but even fellow celebrities laugh their hearts out while on a show is a testament to their crazy sense of humor.

From viral red carpet poses to dance covers, even other idols burst out laughing at BTOB’s antics. Throwback to this viral video that never gets old.

Can we expect more from them? The answer is a big yes.  With all these expectations, one thing is for sure, BTOB will never fail to amaze us. Brace yourselves and let BTOB handle the rest.

If you’re already a Melody, expect to see new sides of them with that unique BTOB touch. If you’re not yet a fan of the group, expect that by watching Kingdom, you will surely discover a Kpop gem in BTOB.

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