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BTOB’s fans donates to Childhope Philippines Foundation to celebrate Changsub’s Birthday

With the goal to celebrate and donate, PH Melody launched a stay-at-home cupsleeve event for BTOB Lee Changsub’s 30th birthday, February 26, 2021.

Through a donation drive, Melody shared and showed their love to Childhope Philippines Foundation – a non-profit organization in the Philippines that focuses on helping street children with their needs.

The target amount of team @LCS_CSE is 5,000 pesos. With all the generosity received from Melody, an amount of 12,732 pesos was donated to the foundation on Febreuary 26, 2021.

Certificate of appreciation from Childhope Philippines Foundation

Aside from donations, a celebration within the fandom was also organized. If you’re a Melody, I know how you badly miss attending cupsleeve events and spazzing with BTOB songs in a cafe filled with your fellow fans.

But you don’t need to worry because team @LCS_CSE on Twitter organized a week-long event for Changsub and Melody.

The said event consists of sending out purchased cupsleeve kits, games about Changsub, giveaways, and raffles of official and unofficial merchandise of BTOB. Just like a normal cupsleeve event right? Except that Melody won’t be meeting physically this time.

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Photo from @LCS_CSE on Twitter
Boyfriend kit inclusions of #ADayWithChangsub stay-at-home cupsleeve event.
Photo from @LCS_CSE on Twitter

Instagram Story ads were also made through our sponsor @KKLCS on Twitter. The ads were seen in the Philippines, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

1st Instagram Story Ad
2nd Instagram Story Ad
3rd Instagram Story Ad

The remaining Instagram story ads are in video format. You can check the preview here:

Aside from the preparations of team @LCS_CSE on twitter, BTOBPH, the official fanclub of BTOB in the Philippines, also organized a watch party of Changsub’s first solo showcase in Japan called “bpm 82.5”.

Changsub was the first BTOB member to debut solo in Japan with his album called “bpm 82.5.” A showcase, titled the same with the album, was also held in Japan in 2017.

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Through BTOBPH’s showcase watch party, Melody were able to reminisce the beauty of Changsub’s Japanese tracks.

How was our online cupsleeve, Melody? Were you happy, sad, or did it make you reminisce about our good old days in a cafe celebrating all together?

Tweet with the hashtag #ADayWithChangsub to share your thoughts about our online event.

Hopefully, every Melody enjoyed Changsub’s birthday wherever they are. Don’t forget to send love messages to our Mochi, who is now a 30-year-old fluffy baby.

And as Changsub always says,


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  1. Awwww… Melody are like BTOB, sending out love to others, moreso in times like this. 😊 We’re all doing great, loves.

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