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Writer Jo Yong shared “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” is a reflection of her own love story

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Writer Jo Yong, the amazing woman who holds a pen behind the healing 2020 drama, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, shared on August 17 her thoughts on the ending of the said drama.

She expressed her gratitude to the casts and the participation of Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji as it was a successful drama breaking its own record in the finale with the highest rating of 7.3%.

Writer Jo Yong shared the background story of her amazing masterpiece saying, “This drama started with my love story with a man who had a personality disorder.”

“It’s a drama reflecting my narrow-minded self who failed to acknowledge and embrace, and chose to give up just to escape from prejudice.”

“So, through the character of Kang Tae, who is the opposite of me, I wanted to show him the recognition and engagement that I couldn’t do at that time, and I wanted to apologize,” she added.

Writer Jo Young continued, “I wanted to tell you somehow that you haven’t done anything wrong. So please be happy wherever you are. While writing this drama, I received the most healing treatment than anyone else, so I was so happy.”

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Furthermore, she addressed the message she wanted to relay to the viewers of the drama, “I’ve read that a person who has no emotions feels lonely. It is a human instinct to find warmth to fill the loneliness they’ve felt.”

“I wanted to be comforted, healed, and grow up to be an adult. So, I hope that you would not turn away, but rather hold on to those hands that are struggling to find warmth from other people.”

“I wanted to convey that message through the appearance of the main characters in the drama who are healed and growing through each other’s warmth,” she revealed.

As the drama became popular internationally using the Netflix’s platform, she commented, “I was glad to hear that it was popular abroad through Netflix, and as the drama fans gave me a fountain pen as a gift, I was so grateful that I almost shed tears.”

“In our drama, the fountain pen was a bloody tool (laughs). I think it is a gift that means to use it better with the determination to live, and I would like to say that I will keep it for life with gratitude.”

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Photo source: netflixph

Talking about the portrayal of the main casts, Writer Jo Yong expressed her admiration towards them, “To me, Kim Soo Hyun was a miracle. Kang Tae was a character who shed a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.”

“I can’t imagine Moon Kang Tae if it’s not Kim Soo Hyun, because he was an actor who could compress the painful feelings into a single look and a single voice while enduring the pain in his heart.”

Regarding Seo Ye Ji playing the character of Koo Moon Young, she said, “Moon Young was a character who had a particularly hard time to portray, but Seo Ye Ji brought life to the character with her unique charisma and unexpected charm of loveliness.”

“In particular, I think such an amazing impact could have been made because the god of love confession, who had not even a handful of souls, was a calligrapher.”

“I almost fell in love with her because I find her unique low-pitched voice so attractive. It is a scene where Moon Young moans under the pressure of his mother’s nightmare at the end of the sixth episode and cries out. She said that she would get out of Kang Tae’s arms right away. I got goosebumps all the time. It was the best performance ever,” she added with so much appreciation.

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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay starring Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Oh Jung Se, is a psychological healing drama that tells the journey of three individuals on how they cope up with their lives and in finding their genuine happiness.

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  1. I think this kdrama deserved to win un award giving buddies so I congratulate all the cast and the director of this drama 👏👏👏👏love it the way it finish the story ..

  2. Wonderful drama. Writer had great understanding of mental health and autism. Beautifully and sensitively portrayed by actors.

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