What does a child want? Materialistic luxuries or his parent’s warmth?

Written by Syeda Muntaha Ali

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Food, clothes, modern gadgets, and luxurious life style. After providing their child with these stuff, some parents often consider that they are giving enough love to their child.

Father earning money shedding his blood, sweat, and tear so that he can buy the stuff his child wants; then, mother spending her whole day and entire life treating her child with food and other things. All these positive efforts but in the end, sometimes, outcomes turn out to be negative.

Why? Because between these efforts, some of them often forget the essential part.

The care part. The warmth part.

The warmth their child needed during life period is nowhere to be found. That warmth in hug, those few sentences of expressing parent’s love, that goodnight kiss, that proud acknowledgment. These missing parts create a huge void.

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A kid, even a person in his twenties, wants that heat to keep himself warm in the cold weather of life. Parents are the most trustworthy humans in a person’s life and getting no affection from their side push him in dark hole. A hole where he can’t trust someone else.

I agree that the basic needs of life and luxuries are also an essential part. However, getting only these stuff can fill up his stomach and wants. Still and all, the need part, the emotional stability, and feelings residing in his heart; these will always remain low, cold, dark, and empty because a word of affection, a tight hug, a sight filled with love and feeling of belonging are something that melt that ice, strengthens emotional stability, fills up the void, and brightens up a child’s heat that spread a rush of life, and joy gotta supplied to whole body.

Be just not a bank for your child, but a supportive hand that can pull him out from every maze, a broad shoulder where he can keep his head and cry his heart out, warm and heated arms where he can find his heaven on Earth.

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A magical spell that can heal the cracked portions and can change the entire life of a person.

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1 thought on “What does a child want? Materialistic luxuries or his parent’s warmth?

  1. Woahh🔥🔥 But this warmth is fading away from our society. And as a result, the children are finding it through some strangers and the love & respect for parents is nowhere to be found anymore.

    More power to you girl❤️🔥

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