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Jeon So Min shows another side as she takes on a controversial character in a new drama

Jeon So Min is known for her cute and lovely image from her stints on variety shows and past dramas.

In 2018, she played the role of Oh Kang Soon, an unsophisticated and innocent bright girl in “Top Star Yoo Baek”.

She is now coming back with a 16-episode drama in 2021 and is playing the role of Yoon Mi Ra, an art academy instructor who fell in love with a married man and became friends with the man’s wife in “Show Window: The Queen’s House”.

Channel A’s 10th-anniversary special “Show Window: The Queen’s House” is a mystery melodrama about a woman (Song Yoon Ah) who cheered for another woman’s affair, not knowing that the affair is with her husband (Lee Sung Jae).

Through teasers and articles, people are paying attention to So Min’s acting transformation and she raises the expectations of the viewers by portraying the role differently to a typical affair woman.

Jeon So Min character posters courtesy of Channel A

In an interview, So Min revealed that she decided to accept the role as she was fascinated by the development and story when she first read the synopsis.

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“The role of Yoon Mi Ra was a character that I had never played before, so the proposal itself was amazing and interesting. I think “Show Window: The Queen’s House” will bring newness to both me and the viewers of the drama.

Viewers will feel me a lot with a friendly image, but Yoon Mi Ra is a stimulating and intense character. I think this work is a good opportunity to broaden the spectrum of roles. I feel a little pressure, excitement, and a lot of tension at the word “shocking transformation.” I will try to meet those expectations.

“The changes in the feelings experienced by Yoon Mi Ra in the drama are complex, colorful, and very delicate. I want to convey the strange charm of Yoon Mi Ra to the viewers well,” she added.

Script reading with the main cast: Lee Sung Jae, Jeon So Min, Song Yoon Ah, and Hwang Chansung.
Photo courtesy of Channel A
Press conference with the main cast: Hwang Chansung , Jeon So Min, Song Yoon Ah, and Lee Sung Jae. Photo courtesy of celuvmedia.com
Still cuts courtesy of Channel A

International fans can watch “Show Window: The Queen’s House” on VIKI and K+ channel on Cignal premiering on November 30, 2021, airing every Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Watch the exciting drama preview below:

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