WATCH: Kim Jung Hyun greeted PH fans during his Instagram live!

Remember Alberto Gu from Crash Landing On You?

Actor Kim Jung Hyun greeted his Filipino fans by saying “Mahal kita”, when a fan ask him during his Instagram live in the evening of August 17.

Check out the screen recording video below:

The simple greeting made our heart flutter in the simplest way. With Kim Jung Hyun’s looking so fresh and handsome as he is.

Kim Jung Hyun is better known from his role in Crash Landing On You wherein he portrayed the character of Alberto Gu. The love interest of Seo Dan which portrayed by Seo Ji Hye.

Both actor and actress showed their best on-screen chemistry which leave marks to the heart of CLOY fans.

Prior to Crash Landing On You appearance, Kim Jung Hyun already starred in other K-dramas such as Laughter in Waikiki, School 2017, Jealousy Incarnate and more.

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Video Courtesy: Al Lee

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