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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Kim Soo Hyun

With his recent comeback in the small screen in the drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”, Kim Soo Hyun have once again proven his caliber as one of South Korea’s top actors.

New fans of him are increasing everyday with every episode added to the series and making everyone search about who Kim Soo Hyun is. So, to help you, especially his new fans, here are some of the things that you probably do not know about him yet.

1. As of date, Kim Soo Hyun only have FOUR major dramas where he was the main role but he has received awards for ALL of them.

With 13 years in the industry after debuting in 2007, it’s quite surprising that Soo Hyun’s filmography so far consists of 2 short films, 3 movies and 11 TV series. But he probably believes in “Quality over Quantity” because all of his works have gained him awards and appreciation for his consistent top-tier acting.

2. Speaking of awards, with 13 years in the industry he already received tons of them, most of which are Big Awards

As of date, Soo Hyun had won about 56 various awards from different awarding bodies that includes, Baeksang Awards, Korean Drama Awards, APAN Awards, Grand Bell Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards, MBC Drama Awards, KBS Drama Awards, SBS Drama Awards among others. These awards ranges from ‘Best New Actor’ awards to the “Daesang” (Grand Prize) awards.

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3. For his role in Dream High he underwent an idol training in JYP for 3 months

Being the only cast actor on the show without professional Idol training experience, Soo Hyun was trained in singing and dancing at JYP for 3 months and was seen practicing his dance steps with other casts Taecyeon and Wooyoung of 2PM.

4. He has a half-sister named Kim Ju Na who joined Produce 101 and almost debuted as a member of girl group ‘The Ark’

Before MNET’s Produce 101 season 1 started in 2015, news came out that Kim Soo Hyun’s half-sister was participating as one of the contestants. Turns out, this is Kim Ju Na who has a great voice and is now active as a soloist.

5. He is good at singing and his father was a professional singer

His father was actually Kim Chung-hoon, the lead singer of Korean 80’s band “Seven Dolphins”. Soo Hyun had also showed his great voice during the drama Dream High and even on his guesting on entertainment shows, like when he visited Hongki in Kiss the Radio.

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6. He has acted with Song Joongki, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Boyoung and other now famous actors since his debut days

His early roles consisted of playing teen versions of male leads and supporting roles. You can even watch his special drama “Jungle Fish” with Park Bo Young below:

7. He took the professional bowler exam

He is so passionate with bowling that in 2016 he even took the professional exam for it but only passed up to the second round. But he’s still known for his great skills and is often seen playing with FT Island’s Lee Hongki.

8. He had a surgery in 2010 for Supraventricular tachycardia

Due to this pre-existing heart condition, he was originally designated as a public service officer for his military service. But after taking additional medical examination, he was allowed to serve in active duty. He was stationed on the DMZ to patrol and search for active land mines. Due to his good performance, he was even promoted early to a Sergeant.

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9. He appeared on the MV of IU’s song ‘Ending Scene’

His close friendship with IU started when they worked together in the past for Dream High. In 2017, he appeared in IU’s Ending Scene MV. He also came back in the drama scene by appearing as a cameo in IU’s recent drama Hotel del Luna.

10. He is now with his cousin’s new entertainment agency

After his contract with Key East Entertainment expired, his cousin Lee Jae Hyun, who was also the director of his movie ‘Real’ started a new agency named “Gold Medalist Entertainment’. Right now, the agency also signed Kim Saeron and Seo Yeji.

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