Following the powerful and sophisticated female protagonist in Korean dramas, South Korean actress Seo Ye Ji joins the line up as she starred in Netflix’s original series It’s Okay To Not Be Okay portraying a character with rough personality.

From her previous dramas to the recent ones, she never failed to show her acting prowess and continuously proving her versatility in the entertainment industry.

To get to know her more, below are the 13 things about herself:

1. Aries ’90 liner

Photo source: Pinterest

Seo Ye Ji was born on April 6, 1990, in the Aries season in Seoul, South Korea. She is in her 30s now and living like a vampire — flauntingly young and charismatic.

2. Studied Journalism in Spain

Seo Ye Ji speaking fluently in Spanish

With her dream to become a TV news presenter, she went to Spain to study Journalism and lived there for three years. She also knows how to speak the local language.

3. Doesn’t want to wear bikini

In relation to her stay in Spain, she shared in JTBC’s Knowing Bros that there was an incident happened wherein a grandma invited her to the swimming pool. She refused because she doesn’t have any bikinis that time but the old lady asked her to double up her lingerie as a bikini.

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Seeing that there was no one at the pool and because of the grandma’s request, she went to the pool to have a dip. But 10 minutes later, a group of Spanish men came rushing to the pool and tease her. Since then, she doesn’t like to wear bikini.

4. Low-pitched voice as an asset

Photo source: Pinterest

Having a deep and low-pitched voice that is way different from most of the women’s is her asset, together with her contagious smile and cute-pair of eyes. She has this unique voice that adds to her alluring and charismatic vibe.

5. Ant waist

Photo source: tvN

Seo Ye Ji has a slim and tall figure which she inherits from her parents. Both of her mother and older sister are stewardess.

But recently, her small waist or they called ant waist welled up in the real-time search as it was perfectly shown in the episode 6 of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. It caught the viewers’ attentions and they were amazed by the said figure.

Photo source: seoyejiintl

According to her, she is doing yoga, ballet, and also trying to manage healthy lifestyle in order to maintain her posture.

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6. Fond of animals

Photo source: seoyejiintl and asiachan

The actress owned a dog named Manny and she’s also fond of cats.

7. Started her career as a model

Photo source: asiachan

Life has many unpredictable turns, and she became a model for SK Telecom in 2013 when she spotted by the CEO of Made in Chan Entertainment who convinced her to pursue acting.

8. Acting debut in 2013

Photo source: kdramakisses

In the same year when she entered the modelling career, she also made her acting debut in the romance-comedy family sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3 as Noh Soo Young.

Her first lead role is in the 2016 drama Moorim School.

9. Labeled under Gold Medalist

Photo source: soompi

Seo Ye Ji signed under Gold Medalist in January 2020, the same management of her co-It’s Okay To Not Be Okay star Kim Soo Hyun and actress Kim Sae Ron.

Gold Medalist is a newly-formed agency.

10. Worked with BigBang’s G-Dragon

She appeared in BigBang’s music video Let’s Not Fall In Love together with G-Dragon in 2015.

Moreover, they also worked together in a beauty commercial.

11. Awarded as Honorary Police Officer

Photo source: Naver

Seo Ye Ji was awarded as an honorary police officer at the 2018 Meeting of Broadcast/Film Producers Who Were With Police Officers and received a letter of appointment in the National Police Agency’s Cultural Garden in December 2018. It is because of her impressive portrayal as a righteous lawyer that left a deep connection to the viewers in the 2018 drama series Lawless Lawyer.

12. Allegedly went on vacation in the Philippines

Photo source: yejiseoluv

Seo Ye Ji’s photos said to be in the Boracay, Philippines were recently circulated in the social media.

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The photos show her simplicity living and enjoying the vacation while interacting the locals on the island. There are also photos where she was seen riding a jeepney.

Photo source: Asiandrama

However, there’s no any confirmation yet about this matter as well as when did the actress visit Philippines.

13. No social media accounts

As of now, Seo Ye Ji doesn’t have any social media accounts. She has speculatively deactivated her Instagram account on February 26, 2020.

Other than that, the classy and charming Seo Ye Jin had appeared in numerous films and dramas with different genres such as mystery, romance-comedy, and historical.

Let us continue to support Seo Ye Ji!

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