South Korean star Kim Go Eun has been making a name and received tons of appreciation in her 8 years excellency in the field of acting.

She played various of roles that proves her versatility and got paired with prominent actors such as Gong Yoo, Jung Hae In, and Lee Min Ho.

But aside from acting, what are the other qualities Kim Go Eun have? And what kind of person she is? To get to know her more, below are the things that talks about herself:

1. Zodiac sign – Cancer

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Kim Go Eun was born on July 2, 1991. Her astrological sign is Cancer.

2. Kim Go Eun means pretty

Screenshot Source: Happy Together

During her guesting on the KBS Korean variety show Happy Together in 2016, she shared that she was named Kim Go Eun because her father wanted her to grow up pretty.

She even stated that when she was born, her father recounted that she didn’t look pretty as he had imagined, so she was named Kim Go Eun, which means pretty and beautiful in Korean, hoping that she will grow into a beautiful woman.

Looking at her today, Go Eun did grow up beautifully inside and out!

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3. Fluent in Mandarin

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Kim Go Eun and her family lived in China for around 10 years since she was 3 years old (4 in Korean age). Because of the new environment, she also learn the country’s language and can now speak fluently in Mandarin.

Moreover, they moved back in South Korea when she was 13 years old, way back 2004 and they settled in Seoul.

4. Lola’s girl

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This lovely girl build a strong bond with her grandmother. She even mentioned that her grandma was quite jealous in the film Canola, where she has another grandmother in the said film.

Sadly, her grandma died in 2019.

5. Acting journey started in high school

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Kim Go Eun didn’t dream of becoming an actress when she was a child. But her acting journey started when she was in high school, when she performed in a play. That passion pushed her to pursue drama in college.

6. Studying at drama school

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While she was still studying at Korea National University of Arts, she met and partnered with EXO’s leadernim Suho and still maintain the friendship up to now. She also took acting classes with Park Bo Gum and even have a project together.

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Moreover, Park Bo Gum and EXO’s Suho showed up to support Kim Go Eun at her very first fan meeting on May 21, 2017.

7. Debuted in 2012

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Kim Go Eun debuted in the entertainment industry in 2012 when she starred in the film A Muse also known as Eungyo.

She then won several awards because of her role in the said film.

8. First drama was in 2016

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After her debut, her projects are mostly movies that’s why she has more count of movies than dramas.

And in 2016, she finally had a drama main role in tvN’s drama Cheese in the Trap, which is an adaptation of a famous webtoon.

But looking back, Kim Go Eun initially turned down her first drama role in Cheese in the Trap due to scheduling issues. But the director really pursue her to take the role and even changed the filming schedule to match of Kim Go Eun’s because for him, she is the most suitable for Hong Seol’s character.

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In the end, she accepts the role and it becomes her first drama.

9. Naturally born friendly

Kim Go Eun is naturally born friendly. She has a lot of friends in the entertainment industry and still keeping in touch with her co-stars from her previous dramas and movies.

Recently, her Goblin co-stars Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, and Yoo In Na sent coffee and food trucks support to the filming set of her new drama The King: Eternal Monarch.

10. Multi-talented woman

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Aside from her exemplary acting skills, Kim Go Eun also has an amazing and angelic voice! She did numerous song covers from well-known international and local Korean songs.

Not just that, she can also professionally strike a pose and impress the camera with her undeniable beauty.

You see, she is really multi-talented woman who doesn’t only have skills in acting but also in singing and modeling.

Kim Go Eun really deserves all the hype and recognization. She is a good woman who works hard and makes the people around her happy.

Let us support our dearest Kim Go Eun!

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14 thoughts on “Get to know South Korean star Kim Go Eun

  1. She really ana amazing actress❤️❤️❤️❤️She deserve an award .she really humble person thast why no matter haters she have still she is fighting with success she is showing to the world who is akGE in this kind of industry ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I don’t like her for Lee Men Ho sorry not match. Lee Men Ho is very handsome hope his next partner are beautiful like before. Maybe I will watch his movie.👌sorry but she is not my bet maybe me and Lee Men Ho will partner are match hahahaha 🤪
    Regine David the beauty

  3. The King Eternal Monarch. I don’t like his partner sorry. I was excited to see the movie before because Lee Men Ho is my idol but when I saw the partner oh.. I don’t even open or see the movie.its okey I will watch the Chinese drama rather.😊

    1. Its okay.. theres a lot of people watching the drama anyway.. and so many people love her too.. shes beautiful in her own way and shes one of the best Actress…

  4. i adore her so much!she is the best actress in the world.i cannot watch her crying cause she can make the viewer cry too…

  5. She is very talented and exemptional actress. She is very simple and bubbly that’s why I like her so much. May she bless with a guy that will love her truly.

  6. Most of her roles are challenging, but she’s a very good actress. She has a lovely smile and her beauty is natural, unlike other korean celebrities that looks the same due to plastic surgery. She and Lee Min Ho have the same
    zodiac, no wonder they look so comfortable with each other in the behind the scenes. They look great together ❤

  7. I love Kim Go Eun. She is a brilliant actress, no wonders many Hollywood actors praises and commends her. Kim Go Eun is the type that can portray any roles that will be given to her. Of all her drama shows, my favorite is The King Eternal Monarch with Lee Min Ho. Their loveteam was blown – away and stellar. She was fantastic there 🙂

  8. whoever claims as a fans of LMH and yet is not able to find the beauty of KGE in the acting role she portrays in TKEM is a loser. how can someone support their biases in such a way? even LMH admitted during the press conference of TKEM that working with KGE is a dream come true for him !!!
    you shouldnt be surprised that a lot of people are impressed by KGE acting from KTEM and fell in love with her if not already, instead of LMH.
    Public’s appraisal for LMH acting in the TKEM in undeniably due to the fact that the partner is KGE.
    looking back on his acting in the Heirs is a blatant proof.

  9. Oh you miss half of your life by not watching TKEM drama because you don’t like the actress. But to tell you honestly Kim Go Eun is very pretty in person. A Korean celeb that never undergone any cosmetic surgery just to look pretty or beautiful. Kim Go Eun is not only beautiful but also intelligent lady and multi talented.

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