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Yoo In Na sends food truck support to Kim Go Eun in the filming set of “The King: Eternal Monarch”

Here’s another major “Goblin” feels for you!

Photo courtesy: echo716 on Weibo and Focus News

Goblin” co-star Yoo In Na sent a food truck support to Kim Go Eun in filming set of her on-going drama “The King: Eternal Monarch.

Photo courtesy: 三三echo716 on Weibo

The banner says “Please give our Go Eun a lot of love~” (Translated by: @dhia_fairus) Yoo In Na-ssi is the sweetest!

Last year, Kim Go Eun also sent a food truck for Yoo In Na in the set of “Touch Your Heart.” They are both a supportive friend slash sister to each other.

Moreover, Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook also sent a coffee truck support to Kim Go Eun! Read here.

The “Goblin” squad is really into something, isn’t it? They are very loving and supportive to each other!

Friendship goals, indeed.

These off-cam interactions between “Goblin” stars make fans wish for another season of the said drama.

Meanwhile, The King: Eternal Monarch is an on-going K-drama starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun with its episodes available weekly on Netflix.

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  1. Wow!What a beautiful, lovable and thoughtful friend Yoo In Na.God richly bless your generous and sincere heart to your friends.

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